Costco's 24-Pack Of Chocolate Chunk Cookies Is A Total Steal

Nothing delivers a bit of comfort when you need it like a chocolate chip cookie. We should count ourselves lucky to get the chance to eat this treat in its current form — the original version of the cookie came about by accident and these accidental first cookies were only the size of a quarter (via Epicurious). Fast forward to the present and not only do we get the chance to eat massive chocolate chip cookies, we can even upgrade the chocolate chips to chocolate chunks. If you have felt a craving lately for this ultimate form of cookie, look no further than your local Costco.

Instagrammer @costcobuys uncovered the best way to indulge in chocolate chunk cookies by spotting a new deal on their last shopping trip. The account posted a photo of a 24-count box of chocolate chunk cookies alongside the caption "24-pack chocolate chunk cookies at Costco are $1.50 off through 3/7! These are delicious and that is such a great price! ($6.49 through 3/7)." Their followers concur, and the post has raked in over 2,000 likes and a boatload of excited replies, like "The devil is working hard to tempt me!!!" and "I have zero self control with them." Another satisfied customer advised: "These are soooo good! I pop them in the microwave for 10 seconds. Delish!" When you can pick up 24 of these cookies for just $6.49, you can expect more than one Costco fanatic to lose it over these goodies.

A sweet deal any Costco fan can love

On the other end of Instagram, @costcodeals took notice of the promotion and jumped on the cookie train, posting a picture of the massively popular desserts. This post got even more attention, attracting over 4,500 likes and an unending stream of positive responses from followers, like "can't pass up a sale!" and "Totally bought some tonight!" If the hype around this super low price can't get you in the door, the taste of these familiar, comforting cookies definitely can.

If you would love to try these desserts but still feel on the fence, just remember that according to the posts, the great deal ends on March 7th, so you need to get a move on to swipe up a few boxes of these cookies while the sale's on! While we can always grab some chocolate chunk cookies, nothing feels as comfortable as saving a few bucks.