Costco Shoppers Can't Stop Talking About These Uniquely Flavored Mini Éclairs

If you've spent the past year of social distancing dreaming about strolling down the Champs-Élysées, exploring the twisting streets Montmartre, and indulging in the pure pleasure of Parisian pastry, there's good news and bad. The bad news is: the pandemic continues. The good news is: you can stroll down the long aisles of Costco (with a mask on, of course), explore their always-affordable food court, and even indulge in some petit Parisian-inspired pastry.

A recent post by Instagrammer @costcodeals shows a new product for sale at Costco: a box of 24 mini éclairs in four mouth-watering flavors: pistachio, raspberry, mango & passion fruit, and salted caramel (via Instagram). Not only that, but according to the caption, the box costs just $12.99! 

Within 12 hours, the post had gained more than 1,800 likes and, of course, commenters were quick to chime in with their opinions of the new product.

What people have to say about Costco's new mini éclairs

Éclairs are most commonly made with a cream or custard filling and topped with chocolate fondant icing, so these unique flavors and bright colors, more commonly associated with pastries like macarons, were quick to catch the attention of Costco fans (via The Spruce Eats). Most of the comments are just people tagging friends or family members who might want to head to their local Costco to pick up a box, but not all. 

Unfortunately, the éclairs aren't available at all Costco locations, as the caption to the post warned, and plenty of comments on the post remark on this with disappointment, for instance writing: "Wow ... I wish we had these in Dallas," and "We never get this good stuff in Wisconsin. So jealous," and even: "Please!!! Bring them to Chicago." Meanwhile, other commenters declared their intention to track the éclairs down, regardless of the difficulty, with one person writing: "I'm on a hunt!" and another, simply: "need these." If you can't find them, don't despair; there are plenty of tasty desserts to be found at Costco.