The Truth About Food Network Star Jet Tila

The Food Network is particularly good at serving up entertainment in massive doses whether it's through fast-paced cooking contests or via shows that feature respected chefs guiding their fans through some of their most cherished recipes. One such show that has managed to appeal to fans is Guy Fieri's Tournament of Champions. It's geared up for season two this month and has talented chefs who'll be competing against each other to win the top honors on the show. This year, the winner gets $10,000 donated in their name to their favorite local restaurant (via Broadway World).

As per Fan Sided, the second season of Tournament of Championships, which premieres on March 7, will see 16 chefs from the East and West Coast engaged in a tough, bracket-style contest. The show promises to keep its participants on the edge of their seats as they watch some incredibly talented chefs putting up a tough fight. One such participant from the show is Jet Tila from the West Coast. You may recognize Tila from Iron Chef America or know that he holds the Guinness World Record for cooking the world's largest stir fry (via Food Network). Here's what you should know about Jet Tila.

Jet Tila was inspired to cook by his neighborhood

As per his official website, Jet Tila is someone who doesn't discount his experiences that shaped his career as a chef. While he was initially unsure about his path, he decided to cook seriously in his 20s and studied at Le Cordon Bleu coupled with a stint at the California Sushi Academy.  He said, "My food is predominantly Thai and Chinese because it was the food I was exposed to growing up...And my cooking overall represents the neighborhood I grew up in LA: between Thai Town, Chinatown, Koreatown, and Little Tokyo." 

Also, it's important to point out that his strong Asian roots have majorly impacted him. His parents were immigrants who moved to the U.S. in the 1960s and worked hard to run eateries and grocery stores in the country. These days, Tila is making sure that he does whatever he can to make the best of every opportunity he gets. In 2013, Tila launched a Pan-Asian concept called Modern Asian Kitchen and a shaved ice cream brand called Kuma Snow Cream, though it has since closed (via Eater). What's clear is that Tila is highly ambitious and will shine as a tough contender on the show. By the way, he's no stranger to television and has already appeared as a guest judge on Chopped and launched his radio show in Los Angeles. Whoa!