Here's How You Can Watch Every Season Of Chopped

Food Network's hit reality television series Chopped is a food game show like no other. Contestants, under the pressure of the clock, must cook multiple courses using unusual and surprising mystery ingredients in a basket. And it's just not a matter of cooking, the dishes have to be to the satisfaction of the taste buds of a panel of celebrity chefs. If they aren't, the contestant gets chopped. However, it's definitely worth the stress because the contestant who is proclaimed victorious will win $10,000. This show debuted in 2009 and is still going strong. 

With 49 seasons under their belt and counting, Chopped has certainly given its audience some incredible episodes that will either make you and your stomach cringe or your mouth salivate. Who can forget the very first Chopped episode where contestants were handed a basket containing prunes, animal crackers, and cream cheese to fashion into a dessert? Or the one where wonton papers and gummy bears are part of the dessert basket (via Screen Rant)? If you haven't seen this cooking show or are an avid cook and love to see what creativity will be sparked by the basket's contents, it's worth adding Chopped to your list. And guess what: with all of the streaming services out there it has never been easier to binge-watch this show. We're going to walk you through some of the best options. 

Streaming services serve up episodes of Chopped

So, where can you stream episodes of Chopped and find some cooking inspiration? There are currently 16 seasons of Chopped on Hulu, totaling 196 episodes. Hulu starts with season 26 and goes through 41. If you are not a Hulu subscriber, never fear, there are other streaming services that also serve up episodes of Chopped. If you are a YouTube TV subscriber, you can watch season 46 on demand.

But Sling TV appears to have the most seasons of Chopped, 47 to be exact, for you to watch until your heart's content. What we like about this option is you can actually start with season 1 and those first episodes in 2009 that kicked things off and work your way through a lot of mystery baskets. In total Sling TV has 585 episodes of the cooking competition series. You can also watch full episodes of Chopped on the Food Network site. While there are a limited number of episodes on the website, you don't have to be a subscriber and can watch them for free, which is almost like winning that $10,000 prize – we said almost!