What Are Takis And What Do They Taste Like?

Fans of snacking have probably tried all kinds of chips and salty treats like Cheetos' popcorn and, of course, all things Doritos. However, Takis should definitely be on your list of snacks to try. Though they have been flying under the snack radar for some, others have known about them for some time now and love them. A group of kids even created a song about them on YouTube in 2012. Though the snack can be divisive, there's plenty to know about Takis.

First of all, they are corn chips like many other chips, such as Fritos or Doritos (via Barcel USA). However, instead of being fried in the shape of tortilla chips or curled up, Takis are corn chip rounds that have been rolled up into what looks almost like small taquitos (via Serious Eats). After that, the Takis are coated in one of five flavors including Fuego, Nitro, Crunchy Fajitas, Guacamole, and Blue Heat, per Barcel USA.

Takis taste pretty sour and spicy

It's the flavor of Takis that has people generally divided. Overall, Takis are generally very salty, spicy, and very acidic. That combination causes your mouth to really pucker. And once you've tried these chips, you can probably feel that sour feeling on the sides of your cheeks kick-in just thinking about them. According to a YouTube video of people tasting a few flavors of Takis, they deemed the Fuego flavor to be the best. This flavor has heat and spiciness to it, but the heat was ultimately dulled by the tangy flavor that comes from the sour lime flavor.

Other flavors like Nitro were less of a hit. According to the Los Angeles Times, Nitro Takis was even deemed sweet, which doesn't sound too pleasant for a corn chip snack. According to Serious Eats, the guacamole flavor is still good, but much milder than the others, while the fajita flavor falls short of impressive with little flavor at all. Just know that whatever bag of Takis you pick up, the flavors will definitely make an impact. So, prepare yourself for an unusual chip and give them a try.