Why Everyone Is Talking About Taki's New Flavors

Depending on where you live, you may be unfamiliar with spicy chip brand Takis. According to parent company Barcel USA, these fiery snacks are made from rolled tortilla chips and come in five standard flavors which are only for "... the strong. The brave. The daring." These spicy chips (along with more widely available Flamin' Hot Cheetos) are incredibly popular with children and teens, inspiring both a musical ode to the snack in the form of a viral YouTube rap video and a social media hoax which claimed the chips were "too spicy for children" and causing serious health issues like ulcers, cancer, and other stomach problems (via USA Today). 

If you or your kids are fans of Takis, don't worry — while the spicy snack can cause stomach issues if eaten in large quantities (especially if you are sensitive to spicy foods), the outlet states that most of the problems reported were found to be false, or the result of a steady, extreme diet of spicy snacks.

According to Delish, the reason Takis chips seem extra spicy compared to other snacks is that the rolled tortilla design traps more of the seasoning powder used to coat the crunchy chips. This gives the corn snacks an extra kick that is not recommended for those who don't like spice.

You're in for a surprise when you eat Takis new limited-edition flavors

My Recipes reports that Takis is coming out with two new, limited-time flavors that are sure to surprise and delight fans of their fiery snacks, and which we believe will become a huge social media sensation. The outlet gives credit to popular food Instagram account @CandyHunting for breaking the news about the limited edition Takis flavors, who spotted them online. They assert that, based on the packaging, the two new flavors will be Scorpion BBQ and Volcano Queso, and will change colors and dye your mouth as you eat them. Scorpion BBQ will change from dark red to neon blue, and Volcano Queso will begin orange and turn bright green.

In a review of the two new flavors, Instagram account @SnackGator says that while both are delicious they feel the Scorpion BBQ flavor is slightly better. They state that Takis was not playing around when they put an image of a tongue changing colors on the packaging, as both products dyed their mouths a vibrant blue or green hue.

No word on a release date yet, but we'd imagine they'll be available soon since both flavors are currently listed on the Target website.