The Truth About Jeremy Ford's Stubborn Seed

Chef Jeremy Ford got his share of the limelight after winning the top honors on the popular reality show, Top Chef. This wasn't lost on Ford who spoke about how much his life had changed because of the show. "A year ago, no one in Miami knew who I was," he told People. "Now I am invited all over the world, and at least 30 to 40 people a day come to see me while I am working." He added that he finds it incredible to see how excited strangers get when they see him. Most importantly, Ford believes that the show has made it possible for him to pick up new skills and constantly learn. 

"The show gave me some fire, and I have more to get done," he said. "I am learning as I go, and I love it." The celebrity chef opened his own restaurant called Stubborn Seed after winning Top Chef. The restaurant is dedicated to using high-quality ingredients to reward their customers with delicious dishes. A description on the site says it all. It reads, "Stubborn Seed is the result of pairing unrelenting passion with an unapologetic approach. It aims to unearth cravings of the palate while constructing a reward in each bite."

Stubborn Seed is an impressive dining option

The Miami-based Stubborn Seed definitely lives up to expectations, as far as online testimonials are concerned. According to Haute Living, several things work in the restaurant's favor, such as the fact that the brand does a stellar job in terms of presentation and taste. Diners can expect to indulge in superior-quality meat dishes, as well as fish at the restaurant. 

The eatery is equipped with 72 seats and a unique ambience that's polished, but simple at the same time. What really works in its favor is the fact that it has received glowing reviews from diners, as well as online portals such as Eater. In fact, the latter called Ford the "Chef of the Year."  Need another reason to stop by? Well, the restaurant's dinner menu is absolutely delectable. Expect to treat your tastebuds with options on the menu like truffle chicken, smoked prime ribeye, and creamy heirloom grits and crispy pork. Delicious!