The Untold Truth Of Jeremy Ford

One of the most endearing contenders from Top Chef was Jeremy Ford, who won the 13th edition of the show. His cooking background started early, and at just 16 years of age, he started working, learning very basic skills while at Matthews, according to Bravo TV. In just a year, he was good enough to leave for the popular restaurant L'Orangerie in Los Angeles and begin expanding his horizons.

Although it was a tough environment, he adapted quickly and picked up several useful tricks, such as how to fillet fish correctly. Ford also held down several other high-profile jobs, including a gig as an executive chef at Matador Room by Jean-Georges. To get this role, Ford had to prove his mettle and compete against several other contenders in a contest that went on for two whole days. Phew. There are a few things that Ford has made abundantly clear: he will happily put up a good fight and he's a rather ambitious chef.

Jeremy Ford has gone on to open his own restaurant

But what has been Jeremy Ford been up to since winning his stint on Top Chef? Well, he's been quite busy, really. Following his work at Matador Room, he went on to open his own restaurant called Stubborn Seed in 2017. As reported by Food & Wine, Ford knew it was going to be a tough journey but he was ready to see where it could take him. He told the publication, "When you leave a multimillion-dollar hotel company, it's basically the Wild Wild West on your own. I had a perception of what my duties were as a chef five years ago, and now all of that has completely changed. I'm more well-rounded to run a business."

Stubborn Seed is located in Miami Beach and offers tempting dishes, such as pork belly and a ribeye steak. Ford told Miami Eater that running his own restaurant was one of the most difficult things he has ever done and even doing something like finalizing the menu required a lot of thought. He explained, "The biggest thing so far I've learned is how to keep the food focused. At first, the menu was going to be twice as big as it ended up being."

This focus has lead to a thriving business, and Ford often shares photos of the delectable dishes he creates for Stubborn Seed on Instagram. His fans can't get enough.