How Employees Feel About Working At Giordano's

Deep dish pizza, let's admit it, is never a bad idea. As far as Giordano's is concerned, getting the recipe right is a big deal and is something that the brand has been focusing on for more than 200 years. The Chicago-based brand takes pride in the fact that its food is so well-acclaimed and loved by many across the world. The menu includes several kinds of delicious pizzas, sandwiches, desserts, and more. 

When it comes to its core values, Giordano's makes it clear that it strives for constant excellence and celebrating a transparent culture that values teamwork and open communication. As the brand explains, the ultimate goal is to make sure that their guests have the best time possible at Giordano's. But what do employees think about being part of such an iconic brand? We have a few insights to share with you. Keep reading for the full lowdown.

Many vouch for Giordano's

According to Giordano's employees, the experience of working with the company can be good, especially if you're hoping to pick up new skills. A former employee praised the organization and wrote on Indeed, "A typical day of work is productive and busy. I've learned customer service skills in the forms of patience and understanding. Management was understanding in situations that require a second point of view."

The company also has a 3.6 rating on Glassdoor where a former employee wrote, "Working at the Giordano's in St. Charles showed me that I can be successful at my job. The owner helped me feel that way. He's also very lenient when it comes to his employees, both with their work, and when they need time off." They added that the environment can sometimes be stressful and something that you need to be able to deal with. Another employee added that they loved working at the company and found the environment to be rather fun and supportive. They've been with the organization for over three years. Sounds like a great place to us.