The Untold Truth Of Giordano's

Giordano's Pizza, Chicago's much-loved pizza brand, may be wildly popular, but it has an interesting backstory that many may be unfamiliar with. According to Giordano's official pizza, it all began in Torino, Italy when a woman, Mama Giordano, was making waves in Torino for her remarkable cooking skills, specifically something she called the "Italian Easter Pie" — a delicious pie dish replete with cheese and a thick, irresistible crust. The dish was much loved and well-known in the family's hometown. 

Many years later, two Italian brothers, Efren and Joseph Boglio, landed in Chicago, hoping to kickstart a business. They took inspiration from their roots and gave their customers a chance to try the legendary pizza pie recipe. And in 1974, things became official when the brothers introduced Chicago to the first Giordano restaurant. Suffice to say, their idea worked and the deep dish pizza became a wild hit, earning loyal fans across Chicago and beyond.

These days, Giordano's provides its customers with a range of items, including pasta, sandwiches, salad, entrées, and, of course, pizza.

Its specialty is the deep dish pizza

The most popular item at Giordano's is ... you guessed it: the deep dish pizza with its generous serving of cheese in all its glory. As an article by Thrillist's Dennis Lee explained, Giordano's stuffed pizza is definitely deep dish classic, with a slight layer of dough, and cheese and sauce at the top. "When you lift that first slice out of the pan, it'll stretch so far you can stand up on your chair to test how far it'll go before breaking. As amazing as pizza is, you don't often see it described as entertaining. This pizza is entertaining," Lee wrote.

Giordano's pizza is all over the internet. According to the brand, it has managed to make it to several "Best Pizza" lists for serving up iconic deep dish pizza. As per Spoon University, the stuffed pizza is highly likely to appeal to your senses because of the fact that the extra layer of dough sets the cheese in your dish apart from other toppings and allows you to relish the taste of cheese with no distractions. Sounds pretty delicious, does it not? Its major competitor, by the way, is Chicago's Lou Malnati's Pizza, that offers its own version of a deep dish pizza that is based on a family recipe. 

It's a crowd pleaser

Giordano's Pizza is a definite Chicago institution, and the Michelin Guide has called it a crowd favorite for its star dish. As per Eater, Chicago's deep dish pizza is a solid part of the city's legacy and something that attracts both locals as well as tourists. In a listing of the city's best deep dish pizza, Eater recommended Giordano's for its unmatched menu that includes not only the deep dish pizza, but also something that's equally intriguing: the stuffed pie that comes with lots of mozzarella cheese and toppings, coupled with layers of dough — all of it taking the pizza experience to the next level. 

Visitors can also choose to experiment with toppings — for instance, Bacon BBQ Chicken, that has everything it implies: barbecue chicken, onions, bacon, and barbecue sauce. The Chicago Tribune calls Giordano's "a must-eat" and vouched for its popular deep dish meal with additions like pesto chicken, meatballs, bacon, and sausage. The next time you're in the mood for a deep dish, you know where to go and what to do when you get there.