How Below Deck Guests Really Feel About Adam Glick's Food

Celebrity chef Adam Glick has been part of the culinary scene for a long time. According to his official website, Glick has a rather diverse background and he was raised in different parts of the world, something that helped to shape his perspective as a chef and influence his cooking style. Here is an interesting fact: He was pursuing a different degree as an undergraduate student and chose to switch fields while he was still in university and work on his love for cooking. He then studied at the Art Institute of California and earned a degree in culinary management. Glick is now, of course, a reputed chef with a solid reputation in the industry.

Glick is also well-known for being a television personality and for being a part of interesting reality shows like Below Deck Sailing Yacht and Below Deck Mediterranean (via Bravo TV). The chef is passionate about his craft and is very open about it. He's also a big fan of the outdoors. In one of his Instagram posts last year, the chef shared a photo of him cooking outdoors with the caption, "Here for all your adventurous cooking needs. I'm making some 62-day aged prime rib, cliff side the Colorado River, off a tailgate at sunset." Phew.

Glick is meticulous about his process on Below Deck

But wait, what do Adam Glick's guests think about the food that he cooks? Especially on shows like Below Deck where guests get to sample the chef's various culinary offerings? As per Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the chef is pretty meticulous about the process that he follows on the yacht while filming the show. He even makes it a point to tweak his cooking style to accommodate guests who have certain dietary preferences. 

Well, this hasn't gone unnoticed by guests. On the seventh episode of season 1 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, one guest praised Glick's dish and said, "I like him better than my favorite restaurant" (via Bravo). However, this isn't always the case and Glick does have to work extra hard sometimes. For example, in the second season of Below Deck Mediterranean, his dishes were left uneaten more than once because the guests were pretty specific about their preferences and didn't want onions in their meal (via Bravo). Oh no!

For the most part, though, Adam Glick does a pretty impressive job and manages to keep his guests hooked.