Below Deck Med's Captain Sandy Can't Get Enough Of This Walmart Treat

Captain Sandy Yawn, head honcho of the mega-yacht Sirocco, which is currently trolling the south of France on season four of Below Deck Mediterranean, knows a few things about good — make that great — food. After all, she travels the world with a private chef who whips up gourmet five-star meals at a moment's notice for their uber-wealthy clients.

It's not unusual to see the likes of fresh lobster, the most expensive caviar, and delicacies like uni (that's ultra-pricey sea urchin roe, for those of us not in-the-know) gracing the Below Deck Med guests' plates, and you can bet you'll catch a glimpse of Captain Sandy in the galley sampling the offerings — you know, for quality assurance. 

As for what she eats when she's not navigating a multimillion dollar mega-yacht? Well, it's a bit more mundane. She recently told Bravo that, among other things, you'll always find cereal in her pantry. Other than lots of cereal, and we do mean lots, you'll find "kombucha tea; fresh-squeezed orange juice; eggs, spinach, and tomatoes — because I like omelettes..." she says. "Obviously I have like five boxes of cereal! Mini Wheats, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes, and Froot Loops..."

Captain Sandy went on to explain how she satisfies her cravings, saying, "I'm more about [sweets] than I am a savory [person]," which actually helps explain her current Walmart obsession...

So just what is the Walmart treat that Captain Sandy can't get enough of?  Shaved ice. That's right. A simple cup of finely crushed ice topped with a sugary, neon syrup is all it takes to get Captain Sandy's bell ringing, and she recently proclaimed during an Instagram Story with girlfriend Leah Shafer (via Bravo's The Feast) that Walmart has "the best shaved ice in the world." Move over, Hawaii, the largest retailer in the world, with its home base in none other than the state of Arkansas, is coming for one of your staples.

Perhaps Captain Sandy needs to steer that yacht towards the Hawaiian Islands to compare Walmart's shaved ice to the real thing? Until she gives us an update, though, maybe it's time that those of us not lucky enough to be basking in the Oahu sun give the superstore's icy treat a chance. One thing's for sure: A trip to Walmart is a lot cheaper than a trip to the Islands.