Costco's Vanilla Infused Maple Syrup Has Shoppers Swearing Off The Regular Kind

Pancakes and waffles are getting a flavor upgrade with Costco's vanilla-infused maple syrup. As seen on the @CostcoDeals Instagram, the Wild Four Organic Vanilla Bean Infused Maple Syrup retails for $14.59 for a 25.4 oz bottle. While this particular Costco deal was found in Washington, it is best to check with local warehouses for availability. This infused maple syrup would be tasty on traditional breakfast or brunch fare, but it could also be used as a topping for vanilla ice cream or even a flavoring for a cocktail, too. 

According to the Wild Four website, the brand has several maple syrup options in its line. Traditional maple syrups include three choices that vary from a "delicate" taste to a "robust" flavor. Additionally, a bourbon maple syrup gets a flavor boost from being aged in bourbon barrels. The infused maple syrups use "organic ingredients," such as vanilla bean, to enhance the flavor profiles. As a Wild Four company representative told Mashed, this particular vanilla-infused syrup offering is a Costco exclusive, but other flavors and offerings are available on the brand's Amazon page.

What are infused maple syrups?

Fine Cooking defines infusion as "the process of extracting an ingredient's flavor into liquid." Since maple syrup is a liquid, additional flavors can be added to change, alter, or enhance the taste experience. But, using the right ingredient combination is important for bringing out the best combination of flavors. Since "vanilla is extremely water soluble," it can be a good choice for a maple syrup infusion, per Fine Cooking.

Infused maple syrups can lend themselves to flavor creativity. The Kitchn offers a variety of recipes using herbs, fruits, and spices. Although the infusion idea offers room for experimentation, there is one word of caution. Fine Cooking asserts that infused syrups should be used quickly. Since the infused flavor changes over time, the first pour can taste different from the last drop. For example, that submerged vanilla bean might offer a slight vanilla flavor at first. But as the maple syrup is used, the vanilla bean continues to impart flavor to the remaining maple syrup and a bolder vanilla is revealed. 

One Costco fan commented on the @CostcoDeals post that "I have this right now and I'm never going back to normal syrup ever again," while another shared, "This syrup is incredible!! Don't pass it up!!!" Whether you put vanilla maple syrup on your pancakes, ice cream, or even incorporate it into a cocktail, regular maple syrup might start looking a little bland in comparison.