Costco Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over This Massive Jar Of Bonne Maman Preserves

The CostcoDeals account on Instagram just notified followers of a great deal on the popular Bonne Maman brand Four Fruit Preserve. In a Washington state Costco, they found a giant 36-ounce jar for just $7.68. (When Mashed checked, however, the price was $9.57 in Costcos on both coasts and in the Midwest.) "Love this @bonnemaman_us four fruit preserve!" the photo was captioned. Bonne Maman has a loyal following, and there are lots of unique varieties under the Bonne Maman label, including Apricot-Raspberry Preserves, Blackberry Jelly, Orange Marmalade, Lemon Curd, and Purple Fig Spread. 

Though the Four Fruit Preserve is the only Bonne Maman product on Costco's shelves, the French brand actually produces about 24 different fruit spreads. If you're a fan of the brand, a Bon Appetit article from 2017 ranked them in order of deliciousness. After reading Costco fans' rave reviews of the Four Fruits flavor, we were surprised that it actually came in at number 10! Those top nine Bonne Maman varieties must be some really great jams. (Number one was Apricot Preserves, in case you were wondering.)

Never too much of a good thing

While Bonne Maman literally translates to "Granny's," we don't know too many grandmas making jams, jellies, or preserves in such exotic iterations. The Four Fruits is made up of strawberries, cherries, redcurrants, and raspberries. 

A standard jar of Bonne Maman is 13 ounces. The Instagram post about the Costco 36-ounce jar was met with more than 5,700 likes at the time of this writing and lots of adoring comments from Costco fans. Four Fruits Preserves has its own subreddit page with an original post claiming "Bonne Maman Four Fruits Preserves is so good I have to date the lid when I open it to slow myself down. I stretched out this (36-ounce) jar 10 days." 

While some comments got a little judgy, many echoed the redditor's sentiments. One commenter puts it in pancake batter, while another buys it only as an accompaniment to when making baked brie in pastry, lest they eat the whole jar too quickly. Finally, another redditor exclaimed, "I was so glad when they came out with the larger containers! So delicious!" 

Think you couldn't possibly use 36 ounces of fruit spread? The Bonne Maman website has recipe ideas for the Four Fruits Preserves, such as Four Fruits mini brie bites.