Everything You Need To Know About Goop Kitchen

Actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow is definitely not afraid of being ambitious and doing what it takes to achieve her goals. One of her most cherished projects is Goop, a company that focuses on beauty, wellness, style, travel, and more. As per the official Goop website, the lifestyle maven's beginnings were humble and she started working on Goop as a simple newsletter that quickly expanded and became something much bigger than she'd originally planned.

The brand has a loyal fanbase, but has been ridiculed in the past for products it has sold (like that signature candle) and health trends it has started. But nevertheless, it has continued to carve out a space in the lifestyle sector. Aside from its content and online store, Goop is expanding into a category that ties into its wellness mindset with its newest venture. 

Paltrow and her company are now entering the food scene with the introduction of Goop Kitchen. Although the brand has done coffee in the past, it's going one step further with this new initiative. Curious? Here's what you can expect.

Goop Kitchen will be a delivery-only service

As reported by Eater, Goop Kitchen is going to be based in Santa Monica, California. It's being spearheaded by chef Kim Floresca, who has previously worked at places like Per Se and El Bulli. Customers can order a plethora of dishes such as lettuce wraps, salads, soups, and more. The focus, of course, is on healthy eating with vegan and gluten-free options available for health-conscious customers. Rest assured, the meals aren't processed or made with preservatives.

The company released a statement about the Goop Kitchen which read, "Goop Kitchen's mission is to accelerate the clean food movement by proving, just as Paltrow did years ago, that whole, unprocessed meals can be both satisfying and convenient, this time brought right to your door with just a few clicks," (via Food & Wine). Furthermore, Floresca said that the kitchen is going to ensure that their meals are both delicious and clean — a definite win-win for everyone involved. Customers can now place orders on its website.