How MrBeast Burger Has Been Helping Restaurants During The Pandemic

The restaurant industry, it must be said, has been heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, forcing everyone to come up with alternative options to keep running as smoothly as possible. MrBeast Burger is one of those companies that has managed to rise to the occasion and help restaurants stay afloat in such unprecedented times. 

According to the brand's official website, the project is the brainchild of YouTube sensation MrBeast who has teamed up with Virtual Dining Concepts to come up with MrBeast Burger, a fully digital service that offers delicious food to customers across the U.S. What's unique about this is that MrBeast Burgers works with many restaurant kitchens that are already set up as other eateries, but may not be doing much business thanks to the pandemic. MrBeast Burger gets a base to work from while the restaurants in question get more revenue without taking on extra stress. Don't underestimate this idea: MrBeast Burger has already managed to make a significant impact.

MrBeast Burger is another spin on ghost kitchens, which is helping the restaurant industry

As per Restaurant Business Online, MrBeast Burger began its journey with an impressive number of locations (300!) in December. The venture rose to popularity at a relatively dazzling speed and is considered to be one of the most popular picks on the app store, beating competitors like Panda Express. The virtual kitchen idea is a game changer because it helps eliminate a lot of extra costs and has the potential to reach many customers across the country. 

In essence, established restaurants get a chance to still work, courtesy of orders that come in from MrBeast Burger, but they won't need to sacrifice running their original restaurant. The only difference is that they can innovate and work with a different brand without changing their setup.

MrBeast Burger has definitely gained popularity among restaurant owners, with several big names already getting involved, including Brio Italian Grille, Buca di Beppo, and Bravo Italian Mediterranean (via Restaurant Business Online). This is a radical idea because it is helping so many restaurants stay afloat during tough times by providing employment opportunities to those who have found themselves struggling. While it's difficult to predict what things will look like long-term, one thing's for sure: The idea has gained credibility among many restaurants who have been looking for ways to grow without fretting over additional investments.