This Reddit Post Rebels Against Aldi's Popular Red Bag Chicken

It takes serious guts to criticize Aldi's Red Bag Chicken, the red-bagged product so popular that it's acquired three names. Aldi's breaded chicken breasts are also known as RBC, and more formally known as Kirkwood's Breaded Chicken Breast Fillets. Of course, it has its own, very engaged, Facebook fan club (via Facebook). Joining it requires that you answer a questionnaire to prove your commitment to the product. Enter, and find nearly 20,000 like-minded RBC enthusiasts who fill its walls with air-frying tips, sauce suggestions, and RBC-centered copycat recipes. 

Insider has given the frozen, breaded chicken breast fillets "cult" status and validated rumors that RBC tastes just like Chick-fil-A's. On Twitter, it's become the poultry equivalent of a Romeo. One RBC fan has even written and composed a love song to it (via Twitter). Meanwhile, on TikTok, a fan video dedicate to Aldi's RBC has garnered nearly half a million likes. "You are all not allowed to say that I told you about this," the RBC-enthusiast starts, "the Aldi CIA will come after me."

Aldi's Red Bag Chicken isn't just popular. It's an institution, which is why we were surprised to uncover the resistance.

How one post started a Reddit rebellion against Red Bag Chicken

"Red Bag Chicken is gross. There. I said it. Fight me," wrote rebellious Redditor, @Paigenacage, on Aldi's unpopular opinion subreddit. "I don't get the cult following at all," the non-conformist continued, "It tastes nothing like Chick Fil A & still isn't good even if you're not comparing it to their product. It's so bad."

We'll let you soak that up for a minute before continuing. Ready? Here are the facts. It turns out that @Paigenacage is not alone. Their scathing review of Aldi's Red Bag Chicken has collected over 100 upvotes in its first two days, alone. Fellow RBC dissenters have since added to the critique. "I found it to be weirdly sweet," wrote one. "Anyone who claims it's as good as Chick Fil A has either never had Chick Fil A or straight up lying," ranted another. "It's so salty and has a weird texture," complained a third.

More horrifying still? The thread stands as living proof that fans of Aldi's green bag and blue bag chicken also exist.