If You Like Aldi's Red Bag Chicken, You'll Love This

Aldi is great for so many things. The budget-friendly grocery store has everything you need from simple kitchen staples to house brand items you know and love — but some of the store's in-house goods are better than others. While there are plenty of Aldi cult favorites, one particularly popular item is the Kirkwood-prepared chicken filets from the frozen foods section.

The original version, affectionately known as "Red Bag Chicken," is simply fully cooked, breaded chicken fillets. However, they've earned enough of a following to spawn a Facebook group devoted to the Aldi product with over 12,000 members. There's a Parmesan-encrusted version of the frozen chicken fillets that comes in a yellow bag that people love too. One Instagram user, @lizziebastin, said the Parmesan version is delicious incorporated into pasta — even if it means a little more prep time, as you have to cook these in the oven since they come raw rather than pre-cooked (via The Aldi Nerd). Now there's a new color of chicken bag you need to know about, and it's purple! Instagram Aldi fan account @theamazingaldi spotted the new bag of chicken on October 14th, and Aldi fans are scrambling to know more.

Here's what people are saying about Aldi's new purple bag chicken

According to the photo posted to Instagram by @theamazingaldi, the purple bag chicken is actually panko-breaded chicken breast tenderloins. Thanks to that panko bread crumb coating, these chicken tenders should bake-off to be super crisp, though you'll have to get some to see for yourself. Instagram user @theamazingaldi wrote, "I don't typically buy convenience foods like this but I picked these up last week and I'm so glad I did. They are sooo good! I'll definitely be getting more if they're still around."

It seems like the new Aldi frozen chicken is already a hit, as other Instagram users quickly jumped in to comment on the product. One user, @allineedisaldi, said, "I keep hearing good things about the purple bag!!" Aldi fan @lambvan commented with the suggestion of using these new panko-breaded chicken tenderloins to make chicken and waffles, featuring Aldi's spicy honey, which sounds pretty amazing to us. Another user, @ma_reeuh, commented that the tenders were delicious and convenient. In fact, their family loved the product so much that they already went through one bag and had to go back to buy two more. So visit your local Aldi as soon as you can to try and get a purple bag. Chances are you'll love it — especially if you're already a red bag chicken fan.