You've Been Replacing Your Kitchen Trash Bag All Wrong

TikTok hacks can be hit or miss. Sometimes, they seem to solve problems that don't exist at all, while other times they can give you a new appreciation for the world around you, and this is one of those. First, though, ask yourself this question: How many times do you have to shake a trash bag to get it to unfurl? Two? Three? Just a few more for good measure? The actual answer is: none. 

According to this new TikTok hack, we've been making our lives more difficult for no reason when replacing trash bags, and it all comes down to this one simple truth: trash bags come inside-out (via The Kitchn). Check your bags, you'll see it's true. Here's why that matters: instead of shaking your trash bag open, just pull open the mouth and wrap it around the top of the trash can ("like a little hat," as one TikToker put it), then push the rest of the bag straight down into the can, leaving it right-side in with no vigorous shaking required (via Taste of Home).

TikToker @edieobanion posted a now-deleted video testing out the hack, and it does look simpler (and quieter) than the shaking method. If you find this life-changing, there are some more simple trash hacks you won't want to miss.

More trash can hacks for a less-messy life

This new trash bag hack might seem revolutionary, but people have been avoiding their smelly, overstuffed trash cans for far longer than TikTok has been around, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn there are several more trash hacks (and just plain good practices) out there. For instance, Instructables recommends lining the can with multiple bags all at once, then just removing each one as it fills up to reveal the still-bagged bin below. This will save you from having to replace the bag every time you take out the trash, and it's a pretty smart way to store those extra trash bags.

Of course, these new hacks don't detract from classic trash can practices. For instance, remember you can line the trash can or bag with old newspaper to soak up any unwanted moisture, and try using a dryer sheet or two in the same way to keep unwelcome odors at bay (via Bob Vila).