Costco Shoppers Can't Get Enough Of These Garlicky Olives

Costco shoppers are known for their love of the warehouse wholesaler and pay $60 (or more) every year for the privilege of entering. As deep as that love may be, no object of our affection is ever perfect. Costco's fans do have some pet peeves. For one, they never know if or when a favorite product will be in stock at their local store (via MarketWatch).

Reddit user "garbagegoat," posting to the Costco subreddit on March 10, found an obvious solution to this problem: Stock up. They posted a photo of their pantry, loaded with what looks like seven liter-sized jars of Tassos super mammoth Greek olives, stuffed with jalapeños and garlic.

"These come and go too frequently at my store. I eagerly await their return," another Reddit user commented. 

The original poster replied, "I'm stockpiling in case that happens to me. I ran out this time last year and was so sad, I grab a jar or two now just to be safe." That's just smart shopping, garbagegoat.

The Costco review website CostcoChaser praised the double-stuffed Tassos olives, describing them as not too spicy and not too salty. Garbagegoat vouched for the olive's mild yumminess. "Not too spicy hot, and the garlic is wonderful but mild," they said.

Tassos themselves said this particular product in their line brings out the "subtle woody, herbaceous flavor of the real fruit," while also bragging that they created the world's first double-stuffed olive.

These garlic and jalapeño-stuffed olives make great dirty martinis

Tassos super mammoth olives are big, and the CostcoChaser review site says they "eat more like a meal," adding that they also make perfect cocktail garnishes. Judging from a glance at the #tassosolives hashtag on Instagram, a lot of people agree these garlic and jalapeño-stuffed olives complement martinis wonderfully — especially dirty martinis. Back on Reddit, one user said the brine from Tassos garlic and jalapeño olives is the (no longer) secret ingredient in their homemade salad dressing. With these olives, nothing goes to waste.

When you buy these stuffed olives at Costco, the price is right, too. The $5.79 price given in the CostcoChaser review may be outdated, since that review was posted in 2016, but anything in that ballpark would be practically a steal. The same mammoth jar of super mammoth olives sells on the Tassos website for $15.09 (yet another reason to spring for the Costco membership).

These Tassos olives don't appear in a search for products available through the website, so you'll need to check your local warehouse for availability. If you're lucky enough to find them, grab a few jars. From what other customers are saying, you'll run out before you know it.