Aldi Shoppers Are Obsessed With These Chocolate Toffee Pretzels

For the ultimate chocolate, pretzel, sweet, salty experience, look no further than Nadiya Hussain's chocolate pudding pretzel tart. This, in Hussain's words, is "the kind of dessert that really allows you to get ahead" (via The Times). For the days when we can't all aspire to the greatness of a Great British Baking Show champion, there will always be Aldi.

If you've got $2.00 to spare, head to your local Aldi, and pick up a bag of Clancy's milk chocolate-covered toffee pretzels. No, seriously, go. These sweet and salty treats go as fast as free meals at Hell's Kitchen would, and you're already at disadvantage. Instagram handle @aldigoodies spotted them back on store shelves in early March 2021. @Theamazingaldi found them a week later. If you're lucky, they're still there. And while the pretzels may not reach the heights of Hussain's chocolate pudding pretzel tart, they are covered with "pure milk chocolate" and "sprinkled with crushed toffee," which makes them gone-in-one-sitting worthy.

Aldi shoppers can't get their hands off of these chocolate toffee pretzels

Are you really still reading this? Three of Clancy's milk chocolate-covered toffee pretzels might add up to 130 calories, but you'll also get two grams of protein per serving, so you can pretend that they're good for you (via Fat Secret).  

And, if for some reason, you're not on your way over to Aldi right now, know this. @Theamazingaldi's Instagram followers think that they're fire emoji worthy. "These are dangerous," wrote one Aldi shopper, in the know. If you do manage to get your hands on a bag, stock up. "Mom got one bag and was sad when we went back and they were gone, should have got her two the first time," wrote another, sorry customer. A third chocolate toffee pretzel fanatic made the mistake of thinking sharing the treat was an option. Until, that is, they found half of their chocolate toffee pretzels had gone mysteriously missing. "Husband was smiling like a canary. He thought I wouldn't notice," they wrote.