Lizzo Just Responded To Critics Of TikTok's 'Nature's Cereal' Trend

It's no surprise that the queen of making empowering music and promoting body positivity also follows a healthy diet. Singer and songwriter Lizzo celebrated her vegan journey in a TikTok video she posted last year, explaining that she was a vegetarian for seven years, which she then ditched for a meat-based diet before going fully vegan. In another recent TikTok video, Lizzo recorded herself eating her latest vegan obsession: "nature's cereal." "I'm addicted, y'all," she says. "Don't knock it 'til you try it."

The "nature's cereal" trend started when TikTok user natures_food posted a video of himself in February making a concoction of blueberries, pomegranate seeds, blackberries, and coconut water. He explains that eating it each morning helps with digestion, but the serious natural energy boost it provides is what makes the cereal really notable. "The energy level is through the roof," he says. "You'll notice as soon as you're finished."

Lizzo's reaction to the criticism

The comments section of natures_food's post is flooded with both praise and criticism, with some TikTok users asserting that the concoction isn't cereal and is just an "unmixed warm smoothie." Since Lizzo posted her first video about nature's cereal (via TikTok), her comments section has been looking pretty similar. When she makes it, she adds her own twist and swaps out blackberries for strawberries. She also adds ice, which some commenters seem confused about. "I know you did not just say that you like ice in your cereal," one user says, while another says it's "an unblended smoothie on the rocks."

In her latest cereal Tiktok video, Lizzo records herself eating the original recipe with blackberries as she responds to all the criticism. "I've seen all the haters on the internet talking about how it's an 'unblended smoothie,'" she says. "So I put it in my blender. I want to see what the hype is about. Is it really better than a smoothie?" The verdict? According to Lizzo, "It was thick, it was creamy, but ... the pomegranate seeds? I didn't like drinking through that. And where's the flavor?!" (She then follows up her initial comments by saying she's joking and likes it in smoothie form, too.) 

Science actually backs up Lizzo's point. According to the journal Appetite, eating whole fruits is generally more satisfying than eating the same fruit in juice or blended form. Regardless of which version you prefer, at least you'll know you'll be getting a whole lot of antioxidants from this natural cereal.