Lizzo's Almost-Vegan Take On The TikTok Feta Pasta Is Turning Heads

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Lizzo is making us dinner as we sit here and drool over this innovative and healthy pasta recipe in "fresh photos with the bomb lighting." Her recipe consists of "hella basil," grapeseed oil, cherry tomatoes, garlic, honey, some chili flakes, Banza chickpea pasta, and Spero plant-based goat cheese (via TikTok). Lizzo combines all these ingredients, minus the pasta, then tosses them in the oven for a bit. The result is a bowl of creamy looking sauce with some shrunken tomatoes and basil. Upon initial glance it doesn't look that great yet, and the singer commented, "She was lookin cute when I pulled her out but I was like — are these tomatoes gonna blend like that? B*tch they did."

Just give this recipe a couple of stirs and it turns into a tomato, alfredo-y looking pasta sauce. The chickpea pasta is cooked as per directions in boiling water, and then the whole mix is combined. Lizzo leaves us hanging on the exact flavors involved, but judging by the smile on her face, you can expect it tastes delicious. 

The specific ingredients that have watchers buzzing include some alternatives to a traditional pasta meal you might not have tried.

Healthy alternatives for your creamy pasta dish

At the top of that list is the Spero, a plant-based goat cheese that Lizzo describes as, "really tasty cheese." Spero is a sunflower-based cheese product that's described as being plant-based, Keto, and free of dairy, gluten, nuts, and soy (via Spero). Suggested cooking uses include in pasta sauces, as well as baking it on vegetables like a squash or a potato, and using as a spread for bagels, sandwiches, and more. As one watcher shared, "Omg love that vegan goat cheese! It's so bomb."

Another standout is the Banza chickpea pasta. This is a pretty tasty pasta product and easily subs in for your traditional, carbohydrate-based noodle. Made from chickpeas, this pasta boasts 22 grams of protein per serving and 25 percent fewer carbs than traditional pastas (via Banza). The cooking process mirrors your traditional method: salted hot water, boil 'til done, strain, and eat. Banza themselves suggest a similar recipe, so non-vegans may also want to check out their Tomato Basil Cream Penne recipe.

Finally, for those noting that honey isn't vegan — we'll note that Lizzo doesn't actually specify the product brand, and even if it's real honey there are some simple recipe fixes you can use at home. You could simply leave this ingredient out, although many sauces commonly use a sweetening agent, including your standard marinara (via Epicurious). You could also use a vegan honey substitute, like Bee Free Honee or brown rice syrup (via Healthline).