The Surprising Topping You Should Be Adding To Ice Cream

Are you sitting down? If not, you'll probably want to find a seat because this might just blow your mind. Ready? Okay, let's talk about ice cream toppings. You can pretty much throw anything on ice cream, from candy, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles to fruit, peanut butter, and espresso (hello, affogatos). Well, Cook's Illustrated recently posted an Instagram photo of one of its versions of tasty toppings — and it's honestly pretty surprising.

The post shows olive oil being drizzled over two scoops of what looks to be vanilla bean ice cream. The caption reads: "A drizzle of good olive oil is welcome on cheeses like ricotta and burrata, so why not ice cream? Although unexpected, it adds an herbal, earthy richness to this creamy treat." Before we get into what Instagram had to say about the topping, don't let the odd combo fool you — adding olive oil to your ice cream can be a game-changer.

The heated debate over drizzling olive oil on ice cream

This controversial ice cream topping stirred up some pretty strong opinions in the comments section of the post. To give you an idea of what's going on there, here are some examples. One user asked, "How do you delete someone else's post?" while another user added, "What about adding anchovies as well? And also parmesan?" and to wrap it up, another person wrote, "It's not too late to delete this, you know."

Trying to find positive comments about the ice cream combo was a bit of a challenge, but there are, in fact, people who support the idea of the drizzled olive oil dessert (and more power to them, honestly). One user commented, "Been adding high-quality olive oil & sea salt to my ice cream for the last 15 years or so. It almost universally disgusts anyone who sees me do it. More for me," while another user said, "Once you drizzle olive oil on your ice cream and add a pinch of sea salt you will never go back." Will you be giving olive oil ice cream a shot?