Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Mini Cheesecakes

Costco is the perfect place to stock up on just about everything. For better or worse, it's so well-stocked and (usually) well-priced that we often end up exiting with more than we meant to buy (believe it or not, this is part of the reason Costco doesn't do click and collect).

But, if you're already there shopping, you might as well walk past the dessert aisle and see what's new, like these mini-cheesecakes from Junior's! Not familiar with Junior's? It's a beloved chain restaurant founded in 1950 in Brooklyn, and known for its famous New York-style cheesecake (via Junior's).

So, instead of just dreaming about that future trip to the Big Apple, why not sample a few bite-sized pieces of it from your nearest Costco? It won't even break the bank, since one 2.25-pound box of 24 mini cheesecakes — which includes eight Original flavor bites, eight Chocolate Swirl, and eight Strawberry Swirl — costs just $19.99, according to Best Products.

What people have to say about Costco's mini Junior's cheesecakes

If you're a huge cheesecake connoisseur, keep in mind that these ones are crustless, so not exactly like the original cheesecake they take after. But at just $1.20 and 140 calories per cake, it's also a lot less indulgent. But crust or no crust, fans still went wild in the comments after Instagram user @snackbetch shared pictures of these cheesecake morsels. "We would SMASH this whole pack," wrote one person. "They're so cute and definitely delicious. On our list for the next Costco trip!" another fan excitedly added.

While this new Costco deal might seem too good to be true, it's not, at least according to the comments pouring in. That being said, there is a catch: It's unclear exactly which stores sell these mini Junior's cheesecakes, or how long supplies will last. A Reddit user posted images saying they found them at the Almaden Valley Costco in San Jose, California, but it's hard to say where else, if anywhere, is stocking them.

So, if you're also a fan of classic New York cheesecake, it might be worth checking your local Costco for a share, of course!