What You Didn't Know About Boston Market

Boston Market is one of those brands that prides itself of using superior methods to prepare food in its kitchens. As per the brand's website, everything is freshly prepared and made by hand. For example, they never pop their mashed potatoes into the freezer and they roast their chicken every hour. They're also proud about the fact that they offer several options for health-conscious customers and allow them to pick meals under 500 calories, as well as have a menu that lets customers know about food allergens. 

The brand is serious about providing quality meals and is confident about its ability to do so. Its site states, "Our mission is to create awesome rotisserie meals. We started our restaurant revolution with just three ingredients: fire, a spit, and chicken. No one does chicken like we do." 

What do customers think about Boston Market? And how has it fared so far? Keep on reading for the details.

You need to be mindful

The thing about Boston Market is that while it markets itself as a healthy and wholesome brand, customers aren't quite convinced with what they're seeing. For example, a Redditor shared that they think the brand is rather underrated and deserves more credit. However, others weren't exactly on board with the idea. "Healthy is questionable at best," another Redditor wrote. "Sure the chicken is chicken but the sides are HORRIBLE for you but so so delicious."

The trick, according to Women's Health, is to do your research beforehand so you're familiar with the menu and not caught by surprise. As per VeryWell Fit, some of the options worth sampling include turkey breast, the Rotisserie Turkey Breast Bowl, and the fresh steamed vegetables. Don't even think about falling for a popular option like the rotisserie chicken pot pie that can really mess up your diet — with its macros that include 750 calories, 64 grams of carbs, 42 grams of fat, and 1,780 milligrams of sodium. Whew! The best thing to do is scan the nutritional information in advance before you head out for your meal.