Costco's Mini Carrot Cakes Are Turning Heads

The first cupcake ever to bear the name "cupcake" probably belonged to Eliza Leslie, who, in 1828 wrote a recipe calling for small, egg-rich cakes filled with molasses, brown sugar, butter, ginger, and cloves (via ThoughtCo.). We like to imagine that Leslie's cupcake was exciting, innovative, and curiosity-awakening. Since 1828, however, cupcakes have reached their apex (turned into a food iconic enough to worm its way into Simon and Garfunkel songs) and since settled down into comfortable mundanity. To quote comedian Dov Davidoff, cupcakes have become "the tattooed brunette chick of the baked goods world" (via SComedy). 

Deliciously cool, but also everywhere you look. There are over 27 million posts on Instagram bearing the #cupcakes. That's a lot. It's enough, for example, to virtually feed the entire population of Shanghai (via Macrotrends). Bear with us. We're getting to Costco's mini carrot cakes. Because the problem with a cupcake in the 21st century is that it's hard, truly hard, to surprise. However, Costco's mini carrot cakes with cream cheese icing, have succeeded in doing just that.   

Here's what Costco customers are saying about its mini carrot cakes

"Looks bomb," wrote one of @costcobuys followers when they saw a picture of Costco's latest bakery offering. "Soooo good!" celebrated another, "The frosting is the best part!!" Our advice? Snap up a box of six for $7.99 at your local Costco before they're gone. Because if cupcakes are the tattooed brunette chicks of the baked goods world, then Costco's mini carrot cakes are like the Kristin Stewarts, or the Jessica Albas, or the Victoria Beckhams. (Yes, they all have tattoos, yes we're aware we took that analogy a little bit too far).

Moving on. The regular carrot cake from Costco's bakery has gotten rave reviews — just ask Guilty Eats. So there's absolutely no reason to think that the grocery chain's mini carrot cakes would be any less irresistible. A pack of six should get you through lunch and dinner. Although, you can share them if you absolutely must.