The Pioneer Woman's Easter Eggs Have A Crispy Twist

When you need some Easter meal inspiration, no one comes to the rescue like The Pioneer Woman. Whether you need quick recipes for bunny cupcakes, the ultimate baked ham, or festive scones, you can't go wrong with her springtime creations (via The Pioneer Woman). If you need something sweet, Ree Drummond has a special treat that can please any kid, not to mention the inner child in all of us. 

Ree Drummond has created the ultimate Easter candy for anyone with a sweet tooth (via Food Network). "They're just a play on the crispy treats we all know and love," the Pioneer Woman explains. Drummond works her magic by molding a marshmallow and rice cereal mixture inside of a plastic Easter egg. She then places a chocolate egg candy in the center as a hidden surprise. After closing the plastic egg around the mixture and letting it set, Drummond removes the candy from the mold. Once they have their shape, you can add assorted sprinkles if you'd like. The result is Drummond's decadent, chocolatey Crispy Easter Egg. 

An Easter twist on a childhood favorite

If molding marshmallows and rice cereal around a plastic egg sounds tough, don't get thrown off by the construction of this festive homemade dessert. In order to work the mixture, Ree Drummond puts some cooking spray on her hands before she starts working the crispy marshmallow mix into the eggs. According to Food Network, you can check out how Drummond whips up these sweets in Season 10, Episode 2 of The Pioneer Woman, in addition to running us through how to make tortellini primavera and hot cross buns. If you already feel your mouth starting to water, you need to go and check out all the Easter treats Drummond has in store.

As Easter approaches faster by the day, planning the perfect chocolate candies can make or break a celebration. According to The Pioneer Woman blog, Drummond's crispy Easter egg recipe yields about 12 servings, so just make sure to whip up enough for everyone to enjoy a few.