Aldi's Candy-Inspired Bath Bombs Are Turning Heads

It's only two weeks until Easter and while there is a lot to look forward to about the spring holiday — like floral dresses and egg hunts — there's no doubt that the candy is one of the main attractions. There's just no substitute for all the sweet treats you get to enjoy on Easter Sunday, from chocolate bunnies to candy eggs. And this year, Aldi is helping its customers get into the Easter spirit in a very unique way, by not just selling candy that you can eat, it's selling candy you can bathe in.

The supermarket has just released new candy-scented bath bombs that are sure to make you smell as sweet as an Easter basket. This week's Aldi Special Finds includes four packages of bath bombs that each come in different tantalizing scents: Cherry Blow Pop, Cold Stone Brewery Birthday Cake Remix, Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, and Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids (via Nerdist).

Aldi's Sour Patch Kids bath bomb may contain a secret surprise

The Sour Patch Kids bath bomb may also contain an extra special prize inside (via Delish). However, there are no hints to indicate what exactly the secret goodie might be. Some have speculated that it might be a bath toy, a beauty product, or even an edible Sour Patch Kid sweet, but customers will have to purchase their own bath bomb to find out for sure.

However, all the bath bombs do come with a treat that is not hidden, and that's the price. All these delicious scents are available for just 3.99 per bomb, according to Aldi. They will only be available in stores from March 24 through March 30, so don't wait to head to your local Aldi's and get your hands on a few of your favorite sweet scents (via Delish). After all, this may be the only time you'll get to smell like a candy store for such a great price.