New Candy Flavors Coming Out In 2021 That Will Blow You Away

We love being the bearers of good news here at Mashed. From lemonade hacks to easy recipes, we're delighted to keep you well-fed and well-informed at the same time. But nothing makes us happier than giving you something sweet to look forward to in the year ahead. Like, literally sweet.

If you're having visions of endless candy aisles and colorful piles of chocolate bars, we're right there with you. What could be better than having a juicy gummy to chew on as an after-work treat or a Snickers to satisfy your hunger when tuna salad just ain't gonna cut it today? Ignore your dentist and repeat after us: Candy is comforting and we've got word on all the newest comforts coming soon to a candy aisle near you.

Get that economy-sized package of toothbrushes from Costco ready, because we're heading full force into 2021, ivory chompers ready and willing. Creative twists on classics, brand new flavors, and imaginatively innovative candy fillings are imminent. These massive drops are going to take us from zero to sugar rush heroes quicker than it takes to say "ahh." Your dentist is gonna have his work cut out for him, but hey, that's his job, right?

These are the new candy flavors coming out in 2021 that will blow you away.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Pretzels Miniatures

All hail Harry Burnett Reese, the genius Hershey employee who invented Reese's Peanut Butter Cups way back in the 1920s. Yes, folks, life has been pretty good since Mr. Reese came up with that winning combination of smooth peanut butter encased in everyone's favorite addiction, chocolate. This mix of salty and sweet all in one precious disc of deliciousness has endured the test of time and remains one of our favorite candies today.

Some say you can't improve on perfection, but Hershey, undaunted, has continued to offer up variations on the classic that leave us wanting more every time. Some exciting takes in the past have been Reese's Take 5s, Reese's White Chocolate, Reese's Thins, and Reese's Dipped Pretzels. And soon, Hershey's is dropping another flavor attack on us with Reese's Big Cups with Pretzels in November 2020, with a miniature version to follow in January.

That's right, you salty-sweet lovers out there. Reese's isn't gonna stop at peanut butter and pretzels. Salty, crunchy potato chips mixed into your peanut butter cups may just be the next-level sweet treat you can look forward to in 2021. Your taste buds will be so delightfully confused, you'll have to reach for another and then another to get your senses back on track. And who could blame you? They're miniatures, which means eating less than three is a crime against candy and we just can't allow that kind of behavior around here.

Snickers Peanut Brownie

Is it even legal for Snickers to keep making more products? Already everyone's favorite trick-or-treat haul during Halloween, a true token of love on Valentine's Day, and the self-proclaimed hunger-satisfying candy bar for the ages, Snickers has had a viselike grip on our sugar addictions for who knows how long. What else screams "winning combo" more than sticky caramel and crunchy peanuts on a layer of nougat enrobed in milk chocolate? Something about that creamy, crunchy, chocolatey first bite just takes you from worst to first in less than 60 seconds.

Well, hold on to your hard hats, because this next sugar rush is about to take you through the roof. Are you ready? Three words: Snickers. Peanut. Brownie. We couldn't believe it was true until we stared at the promo picture for another full minute. Oops, drool puddle. It looks like the creamy nougat is being replaced by a layer of brownie. No big deal or anything. Just the world's best dessert inserting itself into the candy bar of our waking dreams.

Launching nationwide in January 2021, there's even a countdown to when these lethal sugar bombs become available. Get your champagne glasses and sparkly pants ready, guys. We can't wait to kiss our loves when the clock hits zero. Pucker up, Snickers Peanut Brownie, we're ready for ya!

Laffy Taffy Laff Bites — Gone Bananas

Have no fear, fruit candy lovers. There are tons of fruitastic options for you next year as well. Laffy Taffy, that cheerful bag of sticky delights to share with your funniest friends (each candy's wrapper includes a gut-busting joke), is churning out a new flavor in a new size for all your chomping needs in 2021.

Laffy Taffy's Laff Bites were an instant success in 2020 because if there's anything more enjoyable than your favorite candy, it's the mini version of your favorite candy. Considerably more travel-sized than a bar of chewy, gooey taffy, Laff Bites are unwrapped, poppable, fun-sized chews you can devour in one bite. No middle man (er, wrap) and no fuss. Just a bite of candy straight from the bag to your happy tummy. Please just remember to chew first, okay?

We can look forward to a fun new flavor in the form of Laff Bites next year — Gone Bananas! We can't wait to get our hands on these new sticky banana-flavored goodies. Sure, we'll be picking taffy out of our teeth on a regular basis, but that's what being a candy superhero is all about. Bring it on.

M&Ms Mix

Being a candy lover is hard sometimes. There are just so many different brands, flavors, and textures to choose from. Our heads are spinning and our mouths are watering and we're wondering if that's even physically possible. And then M&Ms comes out with the perfect solution to our eternal conundrum like a knight in a shining chocolate shell.

Hitting shelves across the nation in April 2021, M&Ms Mix will brilliantly combine your favorite M&M varieties in one melt-in-your-mouth package. The Classic Mix will bunch Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Peanut, and Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter together for your munching convenience. The Peanut Mix will combine Milk Chocolate Peanut, White Chocolate Peanut, and Dark Chocolate Peanut for the ultimate chocolate variety experience.

Here's to never having to make a difficult candy decision again. Our only regret is that these weren't available much, much earlier. Because when Mom said we could only choose one bag of candy, M&Ms Mix is the one we'd have grabbed every time.

Perfetti Van Melle - Fruit-tella

Fun fact: gelatin is made from boiling bones to extract collagen, which is then heated and cooled again to make fun wiggly sweets like Jell-O, gummies, and pastilles. Okay, interesting and, also, weird. But what's a candy lover to do when they crave a sugary chewy treat sans animal bones? Can't these gentle souls have any fun at all?

As always, we're here to sweeten your day (and your taste buds). Perfetti Van Melle USA, Inc. is making a foray into the American market with a non-gelatin vegan version of their bouncy confections in early 2021. Made with pectin instead of gelatin and boasting real fruit puree as their "#1 ingredient," these soft and chewy treats pack a ton of fruity punch with better-for-you ingredients. They'll be available in Strawberry & Raspberry and Peach & Mango flavors and will come in cute shapes to delight your senses as you indulge, guilt-free and bone-free. What could be better than that?

Hi-Chew Fantasy Flavor — Strawberry Lemonade

Hi-Chew's smooth and creamy fruit chews are some of the most popular around and it's no secret why. There's the awesomely chewy texture that sticks for just long enough before melting in your mouth. The delightfully symmetric square shape, like a gift box just ready to be opened. The pretty dreamy pastel candy colors wrapped in cool, vintage packaging. And of course, the flavors. Hi-Chew is notorious for coming up with improbable flavors that confound the mind and delight the senses. We feel 100 percent confident when we say that no trip to an Asian grocery store is complete without several packs of Hi-Chew in your basket.

Having already come out with groundbreaking flavors like Bubbly Ramune, Saturn Peach and Taiyou Plum, Red Grape, and Granny Smith, Hi-Chew kicked the flavor experience up another notch by letting people vote for the next flavor. Through the month of September, voters got to choose from flavors like White Peach, Black Cherry, Tangerine & Orange, Muscat White Grape, and Fruit Tart. The winner? A lip-smacking Strawberry Lemonade! Dropping in 2021, we just can't wait for this refreshing winner to hit the shelves.