Here's How Much Peet's Coffee Employees Really Make

Many people love visiting Peet's Coffee for their daily caffeine fix. The popular coffee shop is known for its hand roasted coffees; signature, one-of-a-kind teas; and, of course, the dedicated team members and talented baristas. But, while we know customers enjoy Peet's Coffee, what's it like for the people on the other side of the counter?

Well, according to PayScale, the average Peet's Coffee employee makes about $17.32 per hour. However, the hourly wage can vary quite a bit, depending on the specific job position. Baristas can expect to make between $10 to $16, with $12 being the average. The retail shift supervisors receive a bit of a pay bump, making around $12 to $19, with an hourly average of $15.

The salaries do increase quite a bit with the job title. An assistant store manager can reasonably expect to make between $13 and $24 an hour, while Peet's coffee roasters can rake in close to $60,000 per year. General managers can make up to $31 per hour at the top end, and a retail store manager can make upwards of $65,000 annually. PayScale also reports that employees can make an average bonus of around $7,000, which is not too shabby for a customer service gig.

Peet's Coffee employees get free drinks on the job

Overall, the experience of working at Peet's seems to have its ups and downs. The company received a 2.8 overall satisfaction rating out of five on PayScale, with one employee saying it was a "challenging job" that "requires flexibility," and citing "lack of corporate support and transparency" as a big con. Of course, as with most retail jobs, an individual store's location will also have an impact on both salary and job satisfaction.

On Glassdoor, Peet's employees ranked their experience fairly positive, with 77 percent of workers saying they would recommend the job to a friend, and 78 percent saying they approved of the CEO. Many employees gave positive reviews of their Peet's Coffee experience, saying they liked the work environment and employees received "free drinks whenever you're working." 

On the other hand, a stressful work environment, disorganized upper management, limited advancement opportunities, and high turnover rate were among the most common complaints on Glassdoor. So, while it might not be everyone's dream career, if you've got a passion for coffee and a great customer service attitude, Peet's Coffee might not be the worst place to hone your latte art skills.