Costco Shoppers Have Mixed Feelings About These Organic Acai Bowls

If you feel like you're always rushing in the morning, and never have time for a good, healthy breakfast, then you might be tempted by the Tattooed Chef's frozen organic acai bowls that are now on sale at Costco. These bowls of blended acai mixed with fruit and granola are both vegan and gluten-free, and now a box of six is selling at Costco for just $8.89 (via Instagram), making them a healthy, easy, and cost effective breakfast for a busy week.

Unfortunately, while these healthy bowls may seem like they have a lot of promise, many shoppers were disappointed when they tried them at home. Instagram user @okayestbasic posted on social media: "Super disappointing. Thawing them as directed makes them a gross, soupy mess," and they were far from the only one who was displeased with the texture. "I didn't like these. Thinking of adding something to it like nut butter," @ali.kisinger agreed, while user @mfelds simply remarked: "Wish it was as good as it looked."

Costco shoppers were divided over these bowls

However, while some shoppers were vocally disappointed with their purchase, still others couldn't say enough good things about these acai bowls, like user @csanmiguel_, who posted on Instagram: "These are amazing, I bought 3 boxes!!! Love Tattooed Chef," and @taravandromme, who raved: "They are so good. I always add some banana, peanut butter and honey to sweeten it up." Others claimed these acai bowls were lifesavers when it came to preparing healthy breakfasts that their kids would enjoy. "I bought two boxes from the Yorba Linda location yesterday. My daughters love these!" user @nomberjuandad wrote.

Costco's Tattooed Chef acai bowls have shoppers divided. It seems that if you like to add lots of toppings like fruits, nuts, or butters to your bowls, then this might make a good base into which you could mix all of your favorite ingredients. If you are looking for something a little more hearty and filling, however, these acai bowls might not be the right choice for you.