The Real Reason Costco's Kirkland Granola Is So Good

Buying cereal at Costco is a commitment. No matter how grrrr-eat you think Frosted Flakes are when you grab a 28-ounce Family Size box at Kroger, you're more likely to get bored of this breakfast favorite than you are to run out of the 62-ounce option available on shelves and at Costco

Unlike many other amazing products you can find at Costco, cereal generally is not a good deal at the iconic warehouse. According to blogger Gina Zakaria, you'll have better luck at national grocery stores, which typically put cereal on sale every three weeks. "Buying your cereal elsewhere is going to save you a ton of money," she told Money magazine. 

That being said, there is one cereal from Costco's private label brand, Kirkland Signature Ancient Grains Granola with Almonds, made by Nature's Path Organic for Costco, that gets top ratings from cereal aficionados, who say it's definitely worth their shelf space. 

Kirkland Ancient Grains Granola combines all the good flavors

Cereal, even a nice, textured granola, is usually just a bowl of sweetened grains swimming in cold milk. But Kirkland Ancient Grains Granola is more than sweet. It's also salty, and nutty, and a little spicy, all at the same time. 

It's so addictive that when he first tasted it, Cerealously (guess he likes cereal) felt compelled to (briefly) put down his spoon in order to tweet, "It's 1:32 A.M. and I just ate the greatest granola of my life." He later elaborated on his blog, "I'm hit by a warm wave of cinnamon-almond oatmeal cookie bliss...The palpable nuttiness from the thick almond slivers here is slightly oily, slightly salty, and perfectly blended with the buttery brown sugar oatmeal goodness of the base."

If you're worried that you won't be able to stop after one bowl — a valid concern — take some comfort in knowing that Kirkland Ancient Grains Granola is one of the healthier granola options out there. Made from a blend of kamut wheat, quinoa, spelt and amaranth, this vegan, non-GMO, organic treat gets its sweetness naturally from molasses, rather than refined sugar (via The Kitchn.)

And you can go beyond the cereal bowl with this granola; Costco's Facebook page recommends sprinkling it over salad or baking it in energy bars.