Aldi Fans Are Loving Its Spring Macaron Flavors

You may be noticing certain signs of spring: the return of the monarch butterflies, or maybe geese returning north in V-formation. If you live near an Aldi, then you might want to sneak a peek in the frozen dessert section. The brightly colored Spring Assortment Macarons are starting to make their appearance, which means we're in for a delicious spring.

The Aldi Instagram fan account @aldi.mademedoit reported the arrival of these Specially Selected macarons on March 22. The Instagram image bursts with color like dogwood trees in bloom. The Spring Assortment includes blueberry, raspberry, blood orange, coconut, pistachio, and lemon. Now would be a good time to pick them up because they would add color and an upscale sweetness to those Easter baskets that will drop in less than two weeks. You also don't want to delay because, as the store's website warns, this Aldi find is available for a limited time.

"So excited to try these," a commenter on the Instagram post enthused. "Their raspberry is divine."

Aldi's macarons get good reviews, and they're priced right

If you're not familiar with macarons (maybe you're confusing them with those coconut cookies called macaroons), then you're in for a treat. Picture a high-end Oreo with the two outside pieces consisting of ground almonds, egg whites, and sugar (via The Atlantic). The filling can be jam, cream, or ganache (chocolate and cream). They're notoriously difficult to make, and expensive as well. Even experts in the kitchen have been known to struggle mightily to get macarons right (via Honest Cooking). So if you find a decent macaron in the Aldi freezer section, you should grab it. Aldi sells a box of a dozen for $4.89.

And Aldi macarons are good, by the way, at least according to one reviewer. The blog aptly named Aldi Reviewer just updated its review of Specially Selected Macarons. This isn't the Spring Assortment but rather the regular macarons, which come in raspberry, vanilla, pistachio, salted caramel, lemon, and chocolate. So there is some overlap in flavors, and of course, these macarons and the Spring Assortment are made by the same company. The reviewer's verdict? "They are high quality and virtually indistinguishable from Trader Joe's macarons." So there you have it. Head over to Aldi's (or Trader Joe's – we don't play favorites) and grab those macarons before they're gone.