The Tim Hortons Menu Used To Look A Lot Different

There are always specific components of fast food places that keep us coming back for more, whether it be the food, decor, or prices. But sometimes the greatest part of these places is learning about their history and how different they are today compared to when they first started. This is especially true for Tim Hortons. It didn't start out as the monumental Canadian chain people are accustomed to today, but rather began as a much smaller enterprise (via The Canadian Encyclopedia). 

The Globe and Mail presents a timeline of Tim Hortons' humble beginnings, starting as a "coffee and doughnut store" in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, opened by Toronto Maple Leafs hockey player Tim Horton. The store was initially called Tim Hortons Donuts, as Inside Timmies points out, and served only two doughnut varietals. In 1965, Horton met Ron Joyce, who soon became a partner and eventually took over when Horton passed away nine years later, per The Globe and Mail. Though it started as a small coffee and doughnut shop, the chain's offerings have changed and expanded over time.

Tim Hortons has grown significantly

Before there were doughnuts at Tim Hortons, there were burgers and chicken at a small chain called Tim Horton Drive-In, per The Canadian Encyclopedia. This led to the opening of another franchise called Your Do-nut, which eventually became Tim Hortons Do-Nut. When Tim Hortons Donuts first opened, its only two doughnuts, according to The Globe and Mail, were Dutchies and apple fritters.

As the years went on, the menu expanded, according to the Tim Hortons UK site, with Timbits added in 1976 and muffins and cookies in 1981. The site states they needed more baked goods to "dunk in your coffee." And speaking of coffee, that menu expanded too, starting in 1997 with "the introduction of flavoured lattes." Per The Globe and Mail, the chain also added soups, bagels, and sandwiches over time.

It's no surprise this innovative company has made it into the hearts of Americans, Europeans, Canadians and many others. Their creative menu additions have even inspired articles highlighting the items that have been removed and fans want back (via Narcity). Though it started from humble beginnings, Tim Hortons just keeps growing and the people are happy to support it.