Lindt's Sweet 'charCUTErie' Boards Are Perfect For Easter

They used to be loaded with cooked or smoked meats, cheeses, and condiments like pickles, olives, and dried fruit. But charcuterie boards have become something of a blank canvas in the last few months. And while the meaning of the word "charcuterie" hasn't morphed (it still refers to these specific meats, per Merriam-Webster), the boards themselves have taken on a wholly new look and can now be customized to show off anything from a selection of brunch nom-noms complete with pancakes and waffles to hot chocolate fixings with candy cane sticks and marshmallows.

Now that Easter is just around the corner, we can expect that candy makers would cash in on the charcuterie trend, and sure enough, Swiss chocolatier Lindt has come up with an idea for an Easter candy display which it's calling the "charCUTErie" Easter board because why not? The boards are dressed up with the brand's signature gold Easter bunny, colorfully wrapped chocolate truffles, and candy-coated hardshell eggs (via the Lindt website). 

Easter charcuterie boards are being shared on social media

Lindt isn't the only one that's taken the charcuterie concept and taken it to the next level by adding pops of color, chocolate, and candy. Social media, which has become the fountain of all shared wisdom on the trendy food front, is also getting in on the act by sharing photos of new ways to present Easter treats. We've seen boards loaded down with a selection of Peeps, marshmallows, and non-Lindt branded candies, as well as fusion boards that bring the old and new together. By that, we mean cheeses and cured meats sharing food real estate with chocolate eggs, cookies, marshmallow chicks, and pastel-colored candy for a yin-and-yang experience (via Taste of Home). Mm, mm, mm.

As the last few months will tell you, there's really no limit to what you can do should you decide to take out a wooden platter and load it down with all the seasonal treats you can find to set up a festive display. Traditionalists might consider the desecration of the traditional meat and cheese board as yet another unfortunate consequence of the year of the dumpster fire that was 2020, but it's your kitchen, your special occasion, your way of celebration – and we say, you do you.