Why You Might Want To Avoid Whole Foods' Pistachio Chantilly Cake

Whole Foods' baked goods department can be a great one-stop shop to grab tasty, eye-catching cakes and pastries. Its pleasing, mint-green Pistachio Chantilly Cake certainly looks like it would be a hit at any table and pistachios have been shown to have multiple health benefits. According to WebMD, eating pistachios can help lower your chances of getting cardiovascular disease, can help make you feel full, and they have beneficial antioxidants. However, it turns out that sometimes look can be deceiving. Whole Foods' employees revealed on Reddit their so-called pistachio cake, contains very little real pistachio. 

"They're disappointing," one user posted. "The cake and flavor paste we use are almond-based, so it doesn't have a real pistachio flavor to it." What's more, the cake is likely not baked fresh in the store. Another Redditor revealed that many of Whole Foods' baked goods actually arrive frozen and are not baked on-site. "Ours are assembled from pre-made parts (cake layers, buttercream, pastry cream is a powder and we add water and cream) but very very little is made from scratch (mostly just whipped cream )," they explained. 

Whole Foods' Pistachio Chantilly Cake does not have a strong pistachio flavor

However, while the cake might not taste like freshly shelled pistachios, some shoppers agreed that it still had a nice flavor and a very beautiful green coloring that makes it an ideal centerpiece for a festive spring gathering. Some people were still willing to give the cake a shot, like one user who posted, "It's so pretty and sounds delicious! I hope we get it soon!" Another Reddit user added that the cakes are beautiful, but they haven't tried them yet. "I probably won't because I'd have to eat a whole cake," they admitted. 

In fact, quite a few people seemed pleased with the cake's overall presentation, not to mention the price, which is quite reasonable at just $24.99. But while it might not taste bad, it probably won't deliver the strong pistachio flavor you might expect from a cake with "pistachio" in the name. So, if you are a die-hard pistachio fan and are looking for the real thing to get your craving fix, then it might be a good idea to pass on this cake.