The Seasoning Duff Goldman Wishes Cinnamon Toast Crunch Would Use On Its Cereal

Have you ever noticed how cinnamon seems to be in absolutely everything these days? Everything sweet, at least, although cinnamon increasingly makes its way into more and more savory dishes, as well. Now that cinnamon's being touted as a super-healthy spice, hardly any dessert recipe these days doesn't seem to call for a spoonful, whether or not it really enhances the dish. (Cinnamon + apples = perfect pairing. Cinnamon + berries, not so much.)

If there's one dish where cinnamon is a perfect fit, though, that would have to be a breakfast cereal that actually has the word cinnamon right in its name. Nevertheless, there's one famous foodie who thinks that a certain product by the name of Cinnamon Toast Crunch would taste even better if it were seasoned with an entirely different type of spice blend. Duff Goldman, who's no cinnamon hater (he has tweeted about using this tasty spice in desserts before), would nevertheless prefer to live in a world where Cinnamon Toast Crunch was rebranded as Old Bay Crunch.

Old Bay can count Duff Goldman as one of its biggest fans

If you're not from the Mid-Atlantic region, you may not be familiar with the awesomeness that is Old Bay Seasoning, but Duff Goldman can't get enough of the stuff. He recently tweeted, "I would eat the hell out of @oldbayseasoning old bay toast crunch." What's in this blend that makes it so amazing? McCormick, makers of this seasoning, say it contains celery salt, red and black pepper, and paprika. While it was originally meant to be used on seafood and is an integral part of every Maryland crab boil and crab cake, McCormick adds that Old Bay is "great on everything else!" and provides recipes on its website for such out-of-the-crab-pot dishes as Old Bay Lemonade and Old Bay Bacon Streusel French Toast.

Baltimore magazine also notes that Old Bay has been used to season artisanal chocolates and caramel sauce, and one of the comments on Goldman's tweet even speaks of an Old Bay caramel ice cream. The Smith Island Baking Company, another Maryland institution, has even used Old Bay to flavor one of its signature multi-layer creations. Who knows? Perhaps the former Ace of Cakes star may someday create an Old Bay cake of his own.

While Cinnamon Toast Crunch has yet to respond Goldman's suggestion, perhaps it really ought to consider it. After all, if they're going to start adding shrimp to their cereal, what better way to enhance it than with a sprinkling of Old Bay?