Why Some People Are Willing To Wait A Whole Month For This Pizza

If you want to enjoy an incredibly luxurious pizza, you have more options available to you than you might imagine. According to Manoosh, if you forked out $250, you could have once scored one of the most expensive pizzas in the world — Gordon Ramsay's signature pizza at Maze. This offering featured an Italian onion puree, white truffle pasta, buffalo mozzarella, fontina, fresh herbs, pancetta, and cep mushrooms. Despite Maze shuttering permanently in 2019, this pizza is just one of a variety of the fanciest offerings you could ever imagine (via Gordon Ramsay Restaurants).

Nowadays, you can spend $1,000 for Nino's Bellissima Pizza (via Grubstreet), a pie that costs the restaurant $720 to make and gets topped with caviar and two lobster tails. If that can't satisfy you, try Domenico Crolla's nearly $3,000 Pizza Royale 007, featuring Dom Perignon-soaked caviar, lobster marinated in 100-year-old cognac, venison, salmon, and even gold flakes (via Mental Floss). For top dollar, you can even spend $12,000 for the Louis XIII, a pizza straight from Salerno, Italy that takes over 72 hours to prepare, gets prepared and served at your home, comes topped with seven cheeses, three types of caviar, and lobster, and served with a variety of fine champagnes (via Renato Viola).

If all of this luxury has raised the bar for pizza, grabbing a $16 pizza should be a piece of cake, right?

A pizza worth waiting for

On the West Coast, a Seattle pizza joint called Moto has tapped into Washington's desire for Detroit-style pizza and as result, has caused massive traffic jams of people trying to get the unique pies (via The Takeout). These moderately-priced pizzas cost anywhere between $9 to $19, but feature some unique toppings. Pizzas like the Crab, featuring a dungeness crab, butter, dill, thyme, lemon, sea salt, and a Moto cheese blend, or the Mr. Pig, topped with Filipino pork belly, spicy sausage, onion, pepper, calamansi lime sauce, and Mr. Pig sauce have caused a stir and caused the shop to sell out of pizza for the rest of the month (via Moto). In fact, the restaurant has now started taking orders for April, and if you can hit up the restaurant at just the right time in the afternoon, you might get lucky and score a pizza reserved for walk-ins, according to The Takeout.

Lee Kindell, who owns Moto, was blown away by his pizza's sudden following and mind-boggling wait time. "I'm floored. I don't understand it. It's sold out so fast, I'm taking orders for April now. It's crazy," Kindell told The Seattle Times.

Compared to a $12,000 pizza, a few weeks wait for one of these unique and delicious Detroit-style pies doesn't seem half bad. If you find yourself in the greater Seattle area and want to try one of these delicacies, you're going to need to plan a month in advance.