What People With Dietary Restrictions Should Know About MrBeast Burger

Popular YouTuber MrBeast (whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, per Business Insider) decided to get into the culinary game with the launch of MrBeast Burger, a "virtual restaurant brand" with a delivery-only menu that is prepared in established restaurant kitchens. However, burger lovers with dietary restrictions may want to steer clear of the YouTuber's culinary offerings, as InvenGlobal reveals there are absolutely no substitutions allowed.

The MrBeast Burger menu is simple, with their website listing offerings like Beast Style burgers, a Nashville hot chicken tender sandwich, seasoned crinkle fries, and Beast Style fries. Fans are able to order burgers "Chandler style" or "Chris style," with the former featuring only cheese, and the latter crinkle fries, cheese, and bacon.

The concept began in November 2020, according to the MrBeast Burger website, and kicked off at a pop-up event in Wilson, North Carolina with what they called "the world's first free restaurant." Locations across the U.S. began popping up and the virtual kitchen eventually expanded to Canada, per Daily HiveThe menu is only available through various delivery services or the official MrBeast Burger app (via TubeFilter).

The MrBeast Burger menu has classic options

The beef burgers themselves have smashed-style patties, which Bon Appetit explains involves placing the ground meat on a griddle and smashing it down in order to create a burger with plenty of delectably crisp edges.

The toppings are some of the usual suspects, with the Beast Style burger featuring sharp American cheese, pickles, diced white onion, mayo, ketchup, and brown mustard. The menu appears designed to have a small amount of necessary ingredients — one of the unique toppings on the Chris Style burgers, crinkle fries, is also the standard fry option.

As the MrBeast Burger menu details, the only cheese available is American cheese, and the only other toppings on the menu are bacon, shredded lettuce, and caramelized onions on the Beast Style fries. The lack of customization and small amount of possible toppings is likely by design, given the ghost kitchen concept, as it allows established locations to sell the brand's burgers without needing to buy too many extra ingredients (via Comicbook).

The lack of substitutions, however, means that if you can't consume dairy, you'll be hard-pressed to find any beef options you can have, as they're all topped with American cheese. There is one vegetarian option besides the fries, however — Karl's Grilled Cheese, another item named after an individual in MrBeast's life.