The Big Filming Change Great British Baking Show Contestants Wish Would Happen

Baking contests are definitely not for the faint-hearted — especially if you're on a program like The Great British Baking Show, also known as The Great British Bake Off. And yeah, it's a grueling experience that's bound to leave you with memories that will last you a lifetime. According to an Insider report, the show really does challenge its participants in many ways and requires them to be tough and ready for a lot of unprecedented situations.

There's a lot to prepare yourself for when you're a participant competing for top honors on The Great British Baking Show. For example, you'll often have to confront a plethora of viewers online and some aren't polite or considerate. An ex-contestant from the show, Stacey Hart, said that she had to face a lot of naysayers when the show was broadcasted on television. "I had some horrible trolling after that really, really affected me and my family," she revealed. Hart added that she also had kind people reaching out to her with appreciative comments, but the trolling was very hard to overlook.

It's hard to escape from the scrunity

As per Hart, the toughest part of being on The Great British Baking Show is that the cameras capture everything, including the times when you're at your most vulnerable — something that can be really hard for many participants in the contest. Hart didn't think the cameras were a big problem for the most part, but their presence was intense sometimes. "When I made big mistakes they were right in my face," Hart told Insider. "Like, really? Could you not give me some space? Show me a bit of compassion?"

Another former contestant from the The Great British Bake Off, Ali Imdad, said that it was close to impossible to get privacy on the show. When he made his exit, he teared up and got away from the cameras as quickly as he could to avoid being caught in that position. That's a tricky situation to be in, huh? No wonder the participants wish the cameras wouldn't be so hell-bent on capturing their difficult moments.