Why You Should Think Twice About Getting An Item With Bacon At Wendy's

Whenever you're dining, well, really anywhere, it's usually safe to assume that anything with bacon is a good pick off the menu. Bacon cheese fries, bacon cheeseburgers, bacon on your baked potato, bacon on your salad — bacon is typically good any way you slice it. Unfortunately, though, bacon is one of the few things that you should reconsider ordering when you're at Wendy's (and it's not just because the bacon at Wendy's is a little lower in quality than you might want). No one expects thick slabs of fresh bacon at a fast-food restaurant — thin, crispy, yet-still-yummy strips of bacon are the standard. And while Wendy's bacon definitely falls in that latter camp, there's another reason you might want to just let it be.

Turns out, Wendy's bacon, regardless of what it's served on, is often old... really old. We're talking days old or even a week old. Additionally, Wendy's bacon is also often crispier than most diners would prefer, as in burnt to a crisp.

Some bacon is better than others

According to one Redditor who worked at Wendy's, the bacon used overall is often several days old, up to a week old. The bacon is also stored in open, uncovered trays in the fridge, meaning there could be all sorts of cross-contamination occurring. But some bacon is better (or worse) than others. If you can block the image of open containers of week-old fridge bacon from your mind, you might be able to get through chowing down on your bacon cheeseburger, but you might not be able to forget what happens to the bacon used for Wendy's Baconator fries before it reaches your waiting car in the drive-thru.

A Redditor and fast-food worker says that the Baconator fries only contain the bacon that was too burnt in the original cooking process to use on the burgers, and when employees go to prep your Baconator fries, they just reach right in bare-handed and grab some bacon and shredded cheese, and toss it all atop your french fries.

So, before you give in to your bacon cravings, maybe think about what that bacon has been through before you ask the Wendy's employee to upgrade your fries or burger to bacon-topped.