Why You Should Think Twice About Ordering Burger King's Big Fish

We can all probably agree that McDonald's Filet-O-Fish is the OG of the fast food fish sandwiches. When someone mentions the Filet-O-Fish, it's probably exactly what you imagine — a pollock fillet that's breaded and fried, a half a slice of American cheese, tartar sauce, and a fluffy bun, all for a very affordable price. However, there are other fast food fish sandwiches on the market, such as the Big Fish from Burger King. Similarly, the Big Fish is made with breaded pollock, tartar sauce, pickles, lettuce, and a brioche-style bun. 

Compared to the Filet-O-Fish, the Big Fish has a slightly more robust breading, no cheese, and little to be desired, overall. The major factor that could be to blame? It could all come down to poor practices in the kitchen, including keeping fish filets on the warmer far longer than most customers would like, due to a lack of Big Fish demand.

Employees and reviewers explain why you might want to skip eating the Big Fish from Burger King

The proof comes from former Burger King employees on Reddit that explain the chain's Big Fish sandwiches often feature fish filets that have sat in the warmer for "entire days sometimes." Another employee agreed writing that kitchen teams will "keep some surplus so they don't have to make [the sandwich] new each time someone orders it, so you may be getting old fish." Beyond this, even if you were okay with some slightly old fish patties, reviewers agree that the overall taste and texture are highly lacking. 

One food blogger creatively said, "It was the most disgusting thing I can remember ever eating. It was maybe slightly less gross than eating someone else's snot. The gooey, translucent sight of it made me think of wallpaper paste. I think it might have had a slight fish-like flavor, but I may have just charitably imagined it." Even the more "official" food reviewers over at Business Insider note, "This fish is gray and sad, like the last lonely tuna at the fish market." The reviewer only placed a few other fast food fish sandwiches below the Big Fish in their ranking, including those from Dairy Queen and Arby's.

So, next time you see the marketing photos for the Big Fish, and you're tempted by the large size, crispy-looking breading, and handful of lettuce, resist — and maybe head to McDonald's to cure your fast food fish cravings instead.