The Heartwarming Reason This Dunkin' Location Was Handing Out Gift Cards

Dunkin' is known for fast and convenient coffee. At the chain you can pick up drinks like an espresso or caramel swirl latte, plus get a side of donuts or muffins. Dunkin' is also super easy for fans to find, as it has a staggering 11,300 locations across the world. Luckily, that means we can enjoy a delicious java pretty much anytime we want, which puts us in a very good mood. Apparently, a cup of joe also made another customer very happy because they decided to buy $4,000 worth of gift cards for other people in Beaver Creek, Ohio, according to NBC. 

The anonymous patron initially was going to pay $1,000, but decided to be extra generous to help those going through a tough time. "We were waiting, and they were like, 'You know what, let's just make it $4,000 — it's been a really rough year for everybody,'" Samantha Owens, Dunkin' general manager, told Good Morning America. "They wanted to pay it forward in any way they could."

Dunkin' customers were shocked to get such a large gift card from an anonymous donor

The 40 gift cards that were worth $100 apiece, were then handed out to local customers, per WMGK. And it appears that this good deed, led to many others wanting to pay the act of kindness forward. "A lot of people were ecstatic and surprised," Owens revealed. "They were like, 'Are you sure?' And then we had the issue where they were trying to pay for the car behind them, and we were like, 'Theirs is taken care of too.'" 

The gift cards were split evenly between drive through customers and shoppers that came inside (via NBC). Dunkin' employees also walked away with $15 in tips because of the large donation. "I was just so happy that he chose this location, honestly, for something great like this to happen, because we love our regulars and we love our customers," Owens said. "Being able to make them happy really makes a difference in our mood at the store."