The Shocking Amount Of Money People Are Trying To Sell Taco Bell Hot Sauce For

In a world where sellers can list cereal boxes for upwards of $2,000 on eBay, it's safe to say that just about everything has a price tag that someone is willing to pay — even Taco Bell hot sauces. While it's no secret that Taco Bell has tubs full of this now-pricey hot sauce stocked in every single restaurant, it's possible that the fourth top-grossing restaurant in the world (via Restaurant Business Online) might just have to move this hot commodity to a secure vault at the rate things are going. 

Listed for outlandish prices that can make you question just about everything, you can find multiple Taco Bell hot sauces for sale on eBay, in quantities ranging from single packets to anywhere from 50 to 100, according to Food & Wine. We wouldn't dare tell you what to spend your money on, but we suggest that you steer clear from adding any of these listings to your shopping cart.

Is the hot sauce worth it?

In a simple eBay search, it's likely you'll come across hundreds of results that might at first appear to be an elaborate joke. How could this be possible, right? But that curiosity will immediately fade away when you realize that these listings are 100-percent real. They're so real, in fact, that sellers have tagged these hot sauces with prices as high as $13,000 or even $24,999.99, but upon scrolling further, you might find the same packet for $50, per Food & Wine.

According to Fox News, a single listing including 40 hot sauce packets sold for $12.99, and although that's considerably lower compared to most of these crazy listings, let's keep in mind that these same hot sauces are available for free at your local Taco Bell. We're sure that when you stop by for your next Quesalupa purchase, you can ask for more than enough hot sauce to stash at home. If the packets are too small, you might want to consider hitting up your nearest Target or Walmart, or placing an order at Amazon, to get a large bottle of hot sauce. No need to spend thousands on this delicious condiment.