Padma Lakshmi Had A Strong Reaction To This Dangerous TikTok Chicken Hack

Although some cooks might have longed for this TikTok chicken hack to be an April Fools joke, Padma Lakshmi seemed to vocalize the reactions that most people had to this alarming food video. As Lakshmi wrote on her Instagram, "This gives me the chills..... #no #absolutelynot #salmonella." While the Top Chef judge and cookbook author knows her way around the kitchen, this cooking concept does seem to cut deeper than a sharp chef's knife. Does someone really believe that you can cook a chicken breast using water in the sink?

According to TikTok @succhefful, the video purports to cook chicken in the sink using just hot water from the faucet. Beyond the sanitary issues of putting uncooked poultry into a sink, the likelihood of cooking a chicken breast to a proper temperature of 165 degrees with just sink water is dangerous (via Even as the user cuts into the chicken, the video shows that the meat looks raw. While a cooking hack can be useful, food poisoning should never be served on a plate. This TikTok hack should be filed under the "don't" category.

Are TikTok hacks useful or scary?

Instead of turning to Top Chef or Food Network for cooking advice, TikTok has become many foodies social media app of choice for food finds and cooking hacks. According to Elite Daily, the publication found 10 hacks that it finds life changing. From efficiently cutting a pineapple to using wine glasses to portioning a cake to crafting the perfect quesadilla, the simple ideas are plentiful. Even if some of the ideas have been around for a while, the short video format makes the concepts seem new again. 

But, not all TikTok trends are food for thought. As seen in the chicken hack, some ideas can be dangerous. While that video showed potential food poisoning, a grilled cheese hack had the potential of creating a kitchen fire (via Yahoo News). Although many people crave easy, tasty recipes, the reality is that everyone needs to be thoughtful in the kitchen. While food videos can be entertaining, no one wants their big break to be part of the food video fails on the MTV show Deliciousness.