Why You Should Think Twice About Eating Dairy Queen Chicken

If you're a die-hard Dairy Queen fan, we apologize in advance for bursting your bubble, but you should really look into finding a new restaurant to fawn over. While DQs everywhere are mostly famous for their ice cream concoctions, we advise you to steer very, very clear of any of their chicken products (and while you're at it, probably their burgers, chili dogs, and other menu items as well). 

The reason? Unfortunately, Dairy Queen reportedly has a history of less-than-stellar food incidents — including being the alleged source of a lawsuit over a burger that made a man so sick he had over $20,000 in medical bills (via The Dallas Morning News). But even if you avoid their standard food items and stick to ice cream, you're still not in the clear. The soft-serve machines have reportedly had issues with meeting health-code inspections in the past (we wish we were kidding). It might be time to rethink that Blizzard and stick to a local ice cream place to get your sweet tooth fix.

The chicken might be raw

Sorry, Dairy Queen aficionados, but we have more bad news for you: Dairy Queen is allegedly a repeat offender for serving up raw chicken to its customers, and it isn't isolated to one menu item. Some people have reportedly received chicken tenders that were absolutely pink on the inside (via Fox 19), while another person says that they bit into a chicken sandwich only to realize, to their disgust, that the chicken was freezing cold and totally raw. A few TripAdvisor reviews have complained of being served raw, undercooked chicken, too.

What's worse, chicken is the leading cause of food-borne illness according to the CDC, so eating raw chicken is not something to take lightly or leave up to chance. We're not trying to tell you how to live your life, but we are strongly recommending against any future chicken consumption at Dairy Queen, just out of safety. Plus, when there are so many other awesome places out there specializing in chicken, it shouldn't be too tough to give it up.