Jamie Oliver Fans Are Loving His Hilarious April Fools' Day Ad

Jamie Oliver has a history of being (as the Britons might say) a bit cheeky, but his April Fools' Day prank for 2021 was especially fun. The chef and host of television programs like The Naked Chef delighted his fans with a truly funny ad for "his new personal fragrance" on Instagram. The black and white video has everything you want in a fragrance spot. Jerky, hand-held documentary-style filmmaking and Oliver speaking much too earnestly about his product, the mellifluously named J'ai Mange (which the always handy Google translate says means simply, "I have eaten").

"For years, people have told me that my food smells great," Oliver says in the fake ad. "And if it smells great, why not wear it?" This absurd moment was probably where some fans started to scratch their heads. But the star went on with gravitas, explaining, "This is the world's first edible fragrance." With a straight face, Oliver hilariously points out the origin of the fragrance was pure serendipity, describing cooking for his family. "I was knocking out this marinade-slash-dressing, which, by the way, was incredible." After supposedly splashing some of the dressing on himself, the story goes, his wife Jools, "came over to give me a kiss and said 'You smell good!' And I was like 'J'ai Mange!'"

Jamie says just pour

The tagline for Jamie Oliver's April Fool's fragrance is as funny as the J'ai Mange name: "Pour Dab Drench Eat Wear" is printed on the side of a the fragrance/dressing bottle he fills messily with the murky liquid. Throughout the video Oliver passionately squeezes citrus and sniffs cinnamon sticks to entice us — the effect is great. The chef closes out the commercial with a hilarious line: "Pour homme, pour femme, just pour," Oliver says just before he drenches a salad with J'ai Mange and rubs some of the excess (along with an errant piece of lettuce) on his neck.

Not surprisingly, Oliver's fans loved it. User @louisagregorynorton replied, "Nearly got me!" and @laura_matthews_nutrition joked, "Where can I buy this?" Oliver also posted the video on Facebook, where his fans were equally amused. "Very dramatic lol," said one, "He got me! Too early in morning. Was going to buy it," shared another. Good one, Jamie. You almost got us...