Here's What Inspired Bobby Flay's New Project Made By Nacho

When you think of Bobby Flay, the chef insistent on beating everyone by dishes rendered in a Southwestern fashion by resorting to his tried and true spices, you do not necessarily think of cat food. Yet, he now has a line of cat food called Made by Nacho, named after his orange Maine Coon Nacho.

Talking with People, however, Flay revealed that the inspiration for the brand is a deep love for cats that extends even earlier than his six-year-old Nacho. Throughout his childhood, his mother always kept cats about the house, giving company to the only child. Now, they create a similar homey environment: "I am in this crazy business. I feel like my cats take the edge off me. They create a soothing environment. Every time I walk in the door, I can't wait to see them. It's a very special relationship that only people that have cats understand." So, he turned his honed culinary abilities to fashioning a cat food brand.

Made by Nacho fully leans into Bobby Flay's cat love

In case the name "Made by Nacho" failed to tip you off, Bobby Flay repurposes Nacho's Instagram fame to form the core of the brand. Their Mission Statement reads as an open letter penned by Nacho, who refers to Bobby Flay as their dad.

People noted that the whole range of Made by Nacho products will be available at PetSmart starting on April 19. However, you can already order their food on the company's website. Items include wet food, dry food, treats, and various value packs. As far as prices go, they are what you probably expect. The celebrity-branded and ingredient-selected cat food costs more than the supermarket variety, as a comparison between Nacho's 12 pack Cage-free Chicken Cuts in Gravy wet food for $17.49 and a 12 pack of Meow Mix's Real Chicken and Liver Food Cups for $9.69 shows.

Bobby Flay presents a convincing picture of a cat lover who simply wanted to make a truly gourmet brand for his cats. What keeps this image from reading as a cynical ploy to leverage Nacho's popularity as an Instagram cat is that they also created the Made by Nacho Charitable Fund, which, they report under a FAQ, is dedicated to supporting feline research and rescue organizations, "because Nacho cares about cats everywhere." It's in keeping with the brand's identity, but the overflowing enthusiasm seems genuine.