Here's What Kate Hudson Really Eats In A Day

The daughter of film star Goldie Hawn and comedian Bill Hudson, Kate Hudson is an actress, entrepreneur, and Hollywood royalty. Her film career includes Almost Famous, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and The Skeleton Key, a thriller now streaming on Amazon Prime. Hudson is also the founder of athletic wear company Fabletics, and, according to People, practices yoga regularly, often sharing her yoga poses with fans on social media.

Unsurprisingly, the actress and mother of three is super focused on her wellness. Women's Health magazine reports that Hudson eats five times a day, starting her mornings with celery juice — which Healthline says is low in sugar and may reduce inflammation. The 41-year-old actress admitted to Prevention magazine that she lets the celery juice work its way through her system, saying, "If anybody does celery juice on an empty stomach they know why." The actress then follows this up with a morning meal that may consist of a protein shake, eggs, oats, or an açaí bowl.

Hudson loves sipping on smoothies and munching on salads

Last September, Kate Hudson shared her morning favorite with Well+Good"My favorite breakfast — even though I'm apparently not supposed to eat too many eggs — is egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, and onions with a little bit of Swiss cheese and avocado," she said.

The actress and entrepreneur also starts the day with the Essential Elements Powder from her own INBLOOM line of vitamins and supplements. This particular powder is a blend of vitamins, greens, and minerals that promises to boost your immune system and help your body with nutrient digestion. She added in her interview with Well+Good that this powder is a major part of her beauty and wellness routine.

For lunch, Kate Hudson told Prevention that she'll occasionally have a protein-based smoothie, adding that her all-time favorite flavors include anything chocolate-based. The star also likes to incorporate her INBLOOM powders for additional nutrients. Salads are another healthy lunch option she likes to lean on. Chopped salads are a particular favorite of the star — especially the chopped salad from La Scala in Los Angeles, she once told E! News. Her order usually excludes any kind of cheese or tomatoes and she opts for plenty of cucumbers, salami, and dressing.

An exercise break before dinner is essential for Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson also explained to Prevention that she likes to hit up the gym for a 30-minute workout at some point during her day. But she doesn't stick solely to yoga, Women's Health reports that Hudson mixes up her workouts and often does pilates or even dancing to break a sweat.

Dinner at the Hudson household is a family affair. Do You Remember notes that Hudson cooks for all of her kids and strongly encourages them to eat what's on the menu for that night. But if one person is dissatisfied with the meal, she'll sometimes make an exception.

Her favorite go-to dish is chicken with nutmeg gravy and rice. Hudson told Prevention it's simple to make yet delicious. She cooks the rice and browns the chicken with shallots, lemon, and herbs. She'll then top the chicken with a nutmeg gravy and serve it to her waiting family.

When hosting dinner parties, however, Hudson is a bit more ambitious in her meal prep. The actress loves to make risotto, a rice dish that, while uses simple ingredients, takes care to make. Hudson has a simple philosophy when it comes to entertaining friends. Her ideal dinner party meal is, "nothing too perfect, nothing too fussy, just the right amount of attention to detail to look great, but not so stuffy you can't enjoy yourself."

Kate Hudson also appreciates a good treat every now and then

It's not all salads and smoothies for Kate Hudson, who also enjoys desserts, cocktails, and other cheat day eats.

Hudson confided that her ultimate cheat day starts out with sushi and includes munching on gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, before diving into some chocolate and dairy-free coconut ice cream (via ELLE). The actress also loves frozen yogurt, telling the outlet that her go-to is coconut with plenty of chocolate toppings with a sprinkling of graham crackers or oatmeal cookies.

The actress will sometimes even treat herself to a pre-dinner cocktail. Eating Well reports that Hudson enjoys a watermelon mojito, substituting vodka for the traditional rum, and adding fresh watermelon juice for a refreshing hint of sweetness. That's not her only tipple of choice though. InStyle says that Hudson also has her own special take on the classic Cosmopolitan. For her spin, she uses a white cranberry juice instead of cranberry juice cocktail and adds blood orange liqueur to the recipe.